Over the past couple days I've had two experiences that have reminded that there is still good in this world. I witnessed one take place, while the second was a good deed done to me. 

I've always been a people watcher. It may sound creepy but I find it fascinating to watch how others carry themselves and treat others. While Alex and I were grocery shopping on Saturday I witnessed one of the sweetest moments. Whenever we checkout, I take Calvin in the stroller and wait at the end of the register while Alex pays. It's the perfect time and spot for me to people watch since there are so many people coming and going. Amongst all the commotion of shoppers I noticed 2 girls that were around 13 years old walking passed each register looking at the people in line. I saw them talking to one another, nod their heads and stop at the end of a checkout lane. I didn't really think anything of it until one of the girls mom's came walking up to them and said: "What about the one in the pink jacket?" The girls shook their head and pointed to an elderly lady in cash lane 7. Anxious to see what this was all about I waited and watched. Once the lady had all her groceries in her cart the young girls went up to her and said: "We'd like to help you bring your bags to your car and load them for you." The elderly woman's face lit up as she expressed her appreciation. The mother went on to tell the lady that her daughter and friend thought of the idea themselves and just wanted to help. It was so beautiful to see a couple of teens go out of their way to help someone in a such a small yet profound way. They weren't doing it because they had been asked. They weren't doing it because they were doing a fundraiser. They just wanted to make someone's day easier and better.

The next experience happened late this morning. The weather has been cooling off around here, so I made a goal to go out everyday with Calvin. Whether it be on a walk, go somewhere on the bus or just do a little errand, I want to take as much advantage as I can of the beautiful weather before winter comes. Today I decided to get a couple things at the Shoppers Drugmart across from our apartment. Since I was going to be using my baby wrap, I put my phone, keys and some cash all in my jean pockets. When I was walking back to our apartment I could hear a few people in the parking lot behind me making a little bit of noise. I thought they were just talking among their group so I kept walking. Then I had a sudden impression to check my back pocket. The cash I had been carrying was no longer there. I had a whole 3 seconds of panic until I realized the people behind me had been trying to get my attention. I was completely unaware that the cash I had been carrying slipped out of my pocket and onto the pavement. Luckily this small group saw it happen and immediately gave it back to me. They could have easily picked up the money and just carried on as if they hadn't noticed, I mean after all it was only $15. But instead they caught my attention and returned to me what was mine. 

I know it's wrong to admit, but sometimes I assume the worst in people. I find the world is just spinning out of control these days, and it terrifies me to think what the world will be like as Calvin grows. But these experiences give me hope. Hope that my child will grow in a world that is full of people wanting to do good. Hope that even though we know things will get worse, there will always be a pocket of goodness that will remain untainted. Hope that child will find these good things and cling onto them. Hope that my child will be the good others need. 


  1. The world is full of wonderful moments, but also bad, bad ones. Glad you experienced the better half recently! It makes me want to do more service :)

  2. that is really great that your money was returned to you and saw two girls go out of their way to help someone else. it's little things like that that make a big difference in the long run :) also, your little guy is too cute!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  3. I just checked out your about page (I was wondering if you were canadian since you mentioned shoppers), I live in ottawa too! small world!


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