When I was just a couple months older than Calvin, my family vacationed for the first time in this little oceanside town in Maine. I have gone every summer since then (except for 3). There is something so special about sharing these places and memories with my new little family. I love how Alex loves this little piece of heaven just as much as I do. 
This year we will able to dip Calvin's feet in the water, and to my surprise he wasn't bothered by it at all. Looks like we got a little fish on her hand. Are we really that surprised since he was born in the water? 
Since we were in my favourite place, I thought it would be fun to have my dad take some family pictures of us. Clearly I'm too cheap to hire a photographer, so I pointed and told my dad what shots I wanted while he took a bunch of pictures that I edited when we got home. The joys of having a father who knows how to handle your camera.

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  1. What a joyful and happy family! The three of you make one precious little team, wow! Calvin is quite the little stud muffin. And Rebekah, you're glowing-- so beautiful!! I can't wait to be back on the East Coast with all little family and we can all play!


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