+ This Instagram account. It's absolutely hilarious!

+ This song. The fact that Jojo is making music again has got me so excited! Brings me back to my early teen years.

+ "At-home-buns". Been wearing my hair in a bun almost the whole week. Hooray for growing my hair out!

+ Netflix binge. I've been re-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and I've forgotten how much I love this show. The best part? Mentioning to Alex how much I love the name Lorelei and he agreeing with me. Adding that name to the list!

+ Car shopping. Over the past week and a bit, Alex and I have been running around test driving cars and spending hours researching. We've finally found a winner and if the mechanic gives it a thumbs up we will have our very own car next week!! Since this is the biggest purchase either one of us has ever done it's quite terrifying. Luckily we've been very blessed, and wise with our spending that we are able to pay up front instead of having to deal with monthly fees.

+ RB photography. After taking about a year off from my little business, I decided to start things back up again. Over the past week I have had 2 sessions, and scheduled another 4. I'm planning on updating my equipment soon, and all these sessions will be able to cover to costs which is awesome!!!


  1. Congrats on the car and photo business! That's so awesome!! And I just recently followed that instagram account, too. It's such a laugh.
    And I got so excited when I read that you're watching GG again because so am I!! I must admit that the show influences me to eat a lot of junk food. I always crave pizza because they eat it practically every episode.

  2. I love all of these things including the fact that I'm so happy that Jojo is making music again. I need her voice!


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