Age: 5 months

Clothing: 6 -12 months, size 3 diapers

Eating: About 3 weeks ago Calvin started going 4-5 hours between feeding during the day. 

Sleeping: He is still sleeping through the night and wakes up like a dream. Whenever we walk into his bedroom to get him up he just lights right up :)

Baby Development: He is so close to rolling over, but still nothing yet. He is now able to bring toys/soothers to his mouth on the first try. 

Likes: When I was pregnant I used to sing Edelweiss, and he absolutely adores it when I sing it. If he cries and I start singing then he stops and listens. It's seriously the sweetest thing! He absolutely loves the sound of his own voice. Such a little squealer!

Dislikes: Teething. The only time he is inconsolable is when he is teething. Luckily it only lasts about 20 minutes. Tylenol has been helping a lot and just walking back and forth with him in our arms. It hasn't effected his sleep, thankfully.

Other: We just got back from our annual trip to Maine on Wednesday and this kid was incredible! On the 7hr trip we only had to stop once (both on the way there and back). He just talked and slept the whole way!

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