Age: 4 months/17 weeks

Weight: 16-17 lbs. We're going to the doctor this week so we will know for sure then.

Clothing: 3-6 (a bit tight, so we will be changing him to 6-9 this week)

Sleeping: We transitioned him into a new swaddle (his old swaddle was too short for him), and he now wakes up at 5-6am for a quick feed then goes down until 8:30-9am. He is still going down at 9pm and since he now takes a soother we can out him down while he's awake and he goes down by himself. He now has napping routine: one hour nap at 10:30-11, two to three hour nap at 2, power nap at 7, bed at 9. We'll see if it continues (fingers crossed it does)

Baby Development: He now has complete control of his hands. He is able to grab onto toys and bring them to his mouth to suck on them, etc.

Likes: Sophie the giraffe, sucking his thumb/fingers, the Indiana Jones theme song (he adores when I sing it to him), "gurgling"/talking, being bounced, being held in the football hold.

Other: Grandma Baronins is coming down for a week starting Thursday. We couldn't be more excited to have her visit again. Still sucks that Rocky isn't able to join her because of work, but we plan on making the most of her visit.

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