I love every minute with Calvin, but this past month has definitely been my favourite! He is such a happy baby, just wants to talk all day. I just want him to stay this little forever!!!

Age: 3 months/13 weeks. Seriously where is the time going

Weight: 15.5 pounds

Clothing: 3-6 months

Sleeping: I know I've said this before but this kid is so incredible at sleeping! This week he started sleeping from 9 until 6:30, then goes back to sleep until 8:30. I am so beyond grateful, since I am one of those people that needs their sleep in order to function.

Baby Development: Calvin has started to discover his hands. He's able to move them to his mouth, and stares at them for a few minutes. It's pretty entertaining. He has become quite the little chatter box.

Likes: We tried him on a soother a couple days ago and he actually didn't freak out. Luckily he's not hooked on it, but it does save our pinkies from being sucked off. On our wall behind the couch we have a bill from Alex's mission and Calvin loves talking to it. He'll just lay facing it laugh away forever.

Dislikes: This is a no brainer but he hates being gassy. It usually happens around 6 o'clock at night, and he gets pretty upset about it. Luckily it doesn't last long but it's still sad seeing him in pain.

Other: This weekend Alex and I are going to be celebrating our 2 year anniversary, so Calvin will be staying at my parent's place. We're so looking forward to it, but I know that we are pretty much going to be talking about him non stop.

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