This past weekend, Alex and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. My parents had Calvin stay for a couple days so we could have a little getaway. Even though we didn't leave Ottawa, it was nice to stay in a hotel, and have some time to ourselves (most of that time was spent talking about Calvin). 

I still can't believe that it's already been 2 years. It seems like yesterday we  were kneeling over an alter together, and here we are a family of 3 now! I couldn't be happier! I can not wait to see what the years ahead bring us!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! You two are cute!

  2. Happy Anniversary! We are coming up to our 2 years in September. Just found your blog and absolutely love it! I also have a little one who will be 1 month on Sunday. I just love reading about your little one. Congratulations by the way. I'm adding your blog to my bookmark menu and look forward to more posts. Steph. x

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    p.s. you are adorable!

  4. you guys are too cute! Happy Belated Anniversary! :)

    I always enjoy your posts, such inspiration!



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