My love for summer comes down to one thing: swimming. Since I was about 8 I have absolutely loved being in or near water. Summer isn't summer unless I'm able to go for a few dips over the short few months. But this year I needed to find a swimsuit first :)
Swimsuit shopping has always been a frustrating thing for me. It is so difficult to find something that covers well, has really good support, is comfortable and doesn't break the bank. There are a lot of options on the market, but I don't like spending over $50 for a swimsuit. I just can't justify it since my weight fluctuates year to year. Luckily this year I finally found something that is flattering for my post partum body, is breastfeeding friendly, and super affordable. I am so happy that high waisted bottoms are so easy to find! I got mine from Aerie and I absolutely adore them! They fit like a dream, are reversible and don't dig anywhere! The top is from Kohls. What drew me to it was the fact that it is super flow so even if I am pregnant during a summer it will still fit! And since it's black and white it will pretty much go with any bottoms I buy. If I would have purchased these two items at regular price, it would have cost a grand total of $85, luckily both items were on sale so I only spent $35. Now I am officially ready for the summer!

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