Age: 2 months

Weight: 14 lbs

Feeding: I'm finally at the stage where I enjoy nursing. I must admit that I love when someone else is holding him, but he gets kind of frustrated because he wants to be fed. Makes me feel wanted and needed. He has also been smiling a lot while feeding and it melts my heart every single time!

Sleeping: This kid sleeps like a dream. He goes down for the night at around 9pm and then gets up to feed at 5-5:30am, then goes back until 8:30-9am. Not long until we transfer him to his crib for the night. Although I must admit I'm going to miss having him so close!

Clothing: Just barely still fitting in 0-3 month clothing. He can fit into 3-6, but there is still room for plenty of growth in them.

Baby Development: He started smiling at around 6 weeks, and hasn't stopped since! He has become quick the chatter box and loves cooing. His little voice is so adorable, I can't get enough of it.

Likes: His Ikea baby gym, pig rattle from Aunty Meana, being talked to, going on walks

Dislikes: Still not a fan of soothers. We tried one just a few days ago and we wasn't having any of it.

Other: Over the past month Calvin has met a ton of people, and I love hearing everyone go on and on about how cute he is. Yep, he's a little cutie!

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  1. Gwen is the same way with pacifiers. I'm sure it's a blessing that she never liked them :) And yeah, breastfeeding is hard at first! It hurt me the first few months.
    Of course!- You've got such a cutie on your hands.


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