I couldn't bring myself to writing another bumpdate, so instead I am going to share my thoughts over the past few days.

Well here we are: April. I must admit that I am completely surprised that I've gone this far. I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be late, but I really didn't think I would go to April. The past week has been full of ups and downs on the emotional roller coaster. I've experienced contractions every single day for about a week and a half now, got my membranes stretched and swept on Monday, and lost my mucus plug yesterday (TMI? too bad!). Everyday when I feel a contraction I think: "This could be it. The contraction that starts everything." Then after having regular contractions for 30-50 minutes, it randomly stops. It's been driving Alex and I a little crazy.

It is quite pathetic how impatient I have become. Alex and I were blessed with getting pregnant after only 3 months of trying. There are countless couples who have tried for years, and still haven't gotten pregnant. I've had an incredible pregnancy, while there have been so many of my friends that have such a rough and miserable 9 months. I mean what do I have to be impatient about? This baby has to come out one way or another. I should be grateful for the experience I have had, and that there have been no complications. But all I can think about is how much I want to hold this little one in my arms. I want to kiss his little nose, play with his fingers and fall head over heels for him.

Anyone who is part of the blogging community knows that over the past 3 months there have been a crazy amount of bloggers who have had their first babies. It's been so much fun to go along this journey, and to be able to see how other women are experiencing it. With that being said it's been torture every time I have gone on Instagram. My feed is just full of newborn babies (some were even due after me) and I just wish our son could be here already! And to top it all off, my subscription to Barycentre just sent me an email entitled: "My baby this week - Your 1 week old"... yeah still no baby thank you very much!

Looks like this son of ours is going to have my personality: stubborn and determined to do things his way in his timing. I feel like I have done everything to coax him out. I have been going on walks (long walks). I have had my membranes stretched and swept. Alex and I have had some romantics moments (sorry not sorry). I have been doing squats. I have been taking Evening Primrose Oil. My mom has been pushing on my pressure points. I just went for a pedicure and had the massage chair on high. He just seems to be taking his sweet time. 

This post is pretty much just a jumble of things I have been feeling. All in all, I'm still feeling great. Just everyday I wake up wondering if today will be the day we welcome him into the world. Could it be today? Please, let it be today.


  1. oh man 41 weeks pregnant! that sounds so frustrating!! but at least a.) you look amazing, b.) i've always thought april is such a good birthday month and c.) the newborns that cook a little longer tend to be a little extra cute ;)

  2. I think eating pineapple is another one.
    If you have an exercise ball, bounce on it!

  3. I have some friends that swear by eating pineapple! Worth a shot, maybe. :)


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