I still can't believe how fast this pregnancy went! It seems like yesterday that I peed on a pregnancy test, saw the result and ran into the bedroom screaming with excitement to Alex. Although I did not do bumpdates for the entirety of my pregnancy, I have found it super fun to look back at the 20-40 week and see the changes and thoughts I was having. 

Having Calvin here has been so awesome! I just want to treasure every single moment we have with him. I've already seen a change in him over the past week! So naturally, since this blog is a form of journaling and documenting for me, I thought I would transition from weekly bumpdates to monthly Calvin updates. So many changes are soon to happen, and I want to remember every single stage and moment. 


  1. absolutely love this! cutest bump ever! it's quite the nice switch though to do baby updates every month :) (hurray he's here!)

  2. beautiful collage... I just love the pics that show the smile on your face. Perfect! I am excited to read the updates! Enjoy every moment!

  3. I'd love to know where your nursery shelves are from! I'm looking for some exactly like this for my daughters nursery!


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