I've noticed that over the course of my pregnancy, I've been reaching for about the same 8 items. I thought I would share with you all the things that I couldn't live without during my pregnancy.


1// Coconut Oil: This is actually a recent discovery that I wish I had known about sooner. My midwife suggested that I use coconut oil on my belly to reduce my stretch marks and help to keep my belly moisturized. I've tried a few different moisturizers, and my belly would still be dry and itchy. But this stuff is seriously a miracle worker! I've only been applying since Tuesday, and already my stretch marks have slightly faded.

2// Back Massager: I've had quite a few bad knots in my back during this pregnancy, so back massages quickly became a nightly ritual for Alex and I.

3// Honey and Oat Face Mask: I really wanted to make sure that during my pregnancy I would still pamper myself now and again. Every couple weeks I would apply this mask and my skin would instantly feel hydrated and refreshed.


4// Hummus: For the first 3-4 months of my pregnancy, pita and hummus was the only thing I had an appetite for. Couldn't get enough of this stuff.

5// Pear Applesauce: I can not begin to tell you how amazing this applesauce is! It's definitely helped when I've had a sudden sweet craving.


6// Cotton nightgown: Although I do not have this exact nightgown, I have one very similar by the same company. PJs were way to uncomfortable for me, and I found I was overheating way to easily at night. So I have been using just a basic cotton nightgown that is so stretchy, it's been able to last my whole pregnancy and still be comfortable.

7// H&M Maternity Tee: H&M hands down makes my favourite maternity wear. I really wanted to stick to staple/basic pieces when it came to buying my maternity clothes, so they could last over a few pregnancies. These basic tees are so awesome!! Stretchy, but tight so they still show off your baby bump nicely.

8// H&M Maternity Jeans: I have 2 maternity jeans from H&M and I have pretty much lived in them during my pregnancy. When you're pregnant, it's awkward to move and bend, so the last thing you want are jeans that restrict your movement. Luckily both pairs I own are super stretchy, and aren't too thick so you're not getting too hot. Love, love, love them!

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  1. ah yes! coconut oil is amazing! try using it as a hair mask. it makes your hair so healthy and soft!


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