This winter seems to have lasted forever.
It has been miserably cold, and so much snow fell during February.
But since Friday the weather has started to ease up a bit.
The snow is starting to look slightly mucky, which can only mean one thing:
Now I have lived in Ottawa my whole life, and should have learned by now not that winter doesn't go away without putting up a fight.
But I can't help but think about how beautiful life will be this spring.

Today I have the windows open, and the sun is beaming through our entire apartment.
I feel alive.
I want to be able to go on walks down by the river again.
I want to take a blanket and go to the field across our street and daydream.
I want to show my son our favourites spots in our darling neighbourhood.
I want to no longer feel like a hermit and to enjoy the outdoors again.

So winter, do me a favour: go away quickly and gently this year.


  1. It's like the opposite where I live! It has been such an unusually warm winter with hardly any snow! Being a person who loves snow I've been kind of disappointed. Maybe we can trade weather? Haha

  2. Gah its freezing here...like 40 degrees! Its kind of an outrage because usually starting to warm up right about now in California. Looking forward to the summer as well.


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