How far along are you? 38 weeks. This is getting way too exciting!!

Weight gain: 35 pounds

Sleep: On Monday I had the worst nights sleep I have had during this whole pregnancy. My hips have been really acting up, and since Alex went on an hour walk it didn't help things. Every time I changed positions it was super painful. Luckily after a blessing, it was able to feel better as the day went on yesterday, so last night I didn't wake up once. It was a beautiful thing!

Movement: He's definitely not moving as much as before, but that's understandable since he is really running out of space in there ;)

Favourite moments: The weather is finally warming up around here, so Alex and I went for a walk a few nights ago. Ever since we've been dating, we've been huge fans of just walking and talking. It's crazy to think that our walks are soon going to involve a stroller or wrap with a baby.

Weird pregnancy things: (1) This is probably a little TMI, but it takes no effort for me to pee. Seriously a sneeze and I leak a little. I laugh a little to hard and I have to walk to the bathroom with my legs together. I guess I really should be doing my kegels more often. (2) My feet have officially swollen. I noticed a couple days ago, and I laughed quite a bit. They look so short and chubby now!

Happy or moody? Happy of course!

Looking forward to: Is it weird that I am really looking forward to being able to sleep on my stomach again? Side sleeping has really been messing with my hips.


  1. Baby is coming soon!
    I looked forward to sleeping on my stomach postpartum too, but I didn't realize that my boobs would be sore the first couple of months breast feeding! So that was a little disappointing.

  2. Girl you look amazing! I am so stoked for you, and I feel you on the pee! I am not at the point of losing it while I sneeze, but I could probably pee on command at any point in the day! haha


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