+ We finally bought a pack of diapers, and some baby wash. We officially have everything we need for baby.

+ For the past few weeks I've been wanting to replace our dinning chairs. I prefer to sit at the dinning table while I am on my Macbook, and I've really been noticing how ridiculously uncomfortable our chairs are. There a couple chairs that I am loving at Ikea... so maybe I can convince Alex :)

+ I have been craving a cream egg Mcflurry for a few weeks now, so I asked my mom when she picked me up yesterday if we could stop by a McDonald's so I could finally have one.

+ I got the most awesome phone call from my brother today. Target Canada is closing, so the sales are crazy good right now. He called to see if I wanted him to pick up the new She & Him cd for only $6.50!!!! SO happy!!

+ The weather is absolutely stunning around here! The snow is disappearing so fast, and it has been sunny for at least a week now!

+ I've been taking a few mock driver's license tests online. Planning on getting my license in a few weeks. I haven't driven in years, so it's about time I got my license again.

+ Last night Alex and I went on one final date before baby arrives. It was nice to go out to dinner and just take our time talking and eating together. I love this husband of mine!


  1. RIP Target Canada.
    Good luck with your driving test and all that!

  2. there is such a thing as a cream egg mcflurry?! pretty sure I need that in my life


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