How far along are you? 35 weeks. Almost a month away (if he arrives on time!)

Weight gain: 33 pounds

Sleep: It's getting a little rougher simply because it takes more and more effort for me to roll over. Every time I switch positions I have to wake up in order to move my whole body.

Movement: He stills burrows out now and again, but his movement is not as distinct as it used to be, simply because he is running of space down there!

Favourite moments: The place where we were staying for our babymoon had a huge soaker bath tub. Baby was absolutely loving being in the water. Alex and I were getting a kick out of watching his movements in my belly. Definitely going to a be a fish like his mommy and daddy.

Weird pregnancy things: I started doing squats this week (since exercise has been non existent during my pregnancy..whoops) and boy do my legs burn!!!!!! By the time I get to 30 squats, I become easily winded. Must admit I am looking forward to having my breathing back once this baby comes.

Happy or moody? Happy!

Looking forward to: This coming Monday Alex and I will be preparing our hospital bags. It's so close!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I have such wonderful memories of taking baths while pregnant. The baby movements were the best in the water.
    So excited for you :)


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