My mother in law is so cute. For my birthday, she bought me this maternity shirt that has my blog name written on it. She said she saw it and had to buy it!

How far along are you? 34 weeks

Weight gain: 32 pounds

Sleep: Good nights and bad nights. Luckily it doesn't affect me too much though.

Movement: Although his movements aren't as pronounced or distinct, he is still fluttering and rolling around!

Favourite moments: The past week Sammy has been really cuddly with me. He is really getting offended by how big I am getting though. Apparently my round belly is quite inconvenient when it comes to kitten cuddles.

Weird pregnancy things: No matter how many times I go pee, or how many classes of water I drink, if I sit down for even 5 minutes and the get up, I have to go pee again. He loves just pressing on that bladder of mine.

Happy or moody? Always happy. I must admit that I am really going to miss being pregnant!

Looking forward to: Alex and I are going away for our babymoon this coming week and we couldn't be more excited. Our last little trip before baby comes!


  1. Wow you have really popped out now, I can't believe you'll have a little one so soon! You are really glowing :D

  2. That's so awesome that you're happy happy!
    I love your shirt! Have fun during your babymoon :)

  3. that shirt is awesome! you look too cute!


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