+ On Sunday when we changed our calendar Alex and I had a mini freak out. This quite possibly could be our last month without a child!!! AHH!

+ My maternity benefits have officially been figured out! Now all I have to do is wait. Can't believe how blessed Alex and I have been with finances!

+ Alex and I have spent quite a few nights over the past week staying up pretty late just talking away. I love this boy more and more with every passing day!

+ My goal to bake once a week is still going strong. Just pulled some oatmeal raisin cookies out of the oven. Oh the smells that remind me of childhood!

+ I am getting more and more excited for our little getaway before baby arrives. Even though we are staying at a place just outside of Ottawa, it will be nice to just get away to the country for a bit.

+ I've been able to plan and hang out with a few dear friends over the past few days. Somedays you just need to have some girl company.

+ Because of scheduling Alex and I aren't able to attend prenatal classes, but since my mom is a trained doula we've decided to take some casual "classes" from her. My mom keeps saying "Knowledge is power", and I can not wait to learn as much as I can about the birthing and labour process.

+ Also today marks 5 years of blogging for me. That's cool.


  1. oh oh, congrats on 5 years of blogging :) it's weird what it turns into huh? i also started blogging forever ago, and it's weird to think i'm still going strong, and also just about what the blogging world has morphed into haha.


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