I suffer from dry skin all year round, but during the winter months it no only gets worse, but also itchy and sensitive.
      Today I thought I would share my favourite moisturizers that save my skin in the winter.
      I have so many Body Shop body butters, but for the winter I prefer to stay away from overly scented moisturizers and just stick to the Vitamin E one.
      There is nothing more annoying than using greasy, heavy and cream.
      This hand cream is absolutely perfect because it is a mixture of cream and gel formula that instantly soaks into the skin.
      Tip: Apply throughout the day when needed
      This is a new product that I just introduced into my skincare routine a few weeks ago and I love it!!
      It adds so much moisture, especially to my problem areas on my face.
      Tip: Apply right before makeup and it acts as a primer.
      I refuse to buy the full size of this lip balm simply because it is way too overpriced.
      So I am trying to use this sample size sparingly!
      Tip: I like to apply it right before bed so when I wake up my lips are moisturized.

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  1. i've been looking for a killer moisturizer, so i'm going to have to try that out!


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