Since the new year I have felt such a rejuvenation and need to get things done.
Back when I was still working, I found it so hard to come home and find the energy to clean or cook.
But now I am absolutely loving it!!
I put on Broadway Musicals and just sing my little heart out as I do the housework.

Call me old fashioned, but I love keeping a house.
I find it so weird living in a world where the role of a woman is constantly challenged and questioned.
I feel I have never been so productive in my life.
I love this life I've chosen.
I love being a wife.
And I can not wait to be a mother.


  1. girl, me too! keeping a house is the best

  2. I feel very lucky to be a "homemaker" and love that I can be home taking care of my family. I feel bad for women that wish they could do this but for some reason or other think that they can't. Many of my husband's female co-workers have confessed that they would love to do that, but feel that society would look poorly at them. It is sad to me that society teaches our girls that they can grow up to be anything they want to be...accept a homemaker. My mother prays every day that all of her sons (and sons-in-law) will be able to provide for their families so their wives can stay home with their children. That will be my prayer as my children become adults. In todays world, our kids need their mothers!

  3. I feel so embarrassed that I wrote "accept" instead of "except", oh the joys of mom brain!


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