How far along are you? 28 weeks

Weight gain: 25 pounds.. thank you Christmas ;)

Sleep: I have finally been sleeping through the night!!! The entire time we've been in Winnipeg I've slept beautifully. Then again that could do with the fact that I've gone to sleep at 1am every night. Luckily I'm not too tired during the day.

Movement: As soon as I lay down he starts rolling around. Also when we were watching hockey, Godzilla and The Hobbit he became quite active.

Favourite moments: My in laws have both been able to feel him move during our visit, and it was so cute seeing their faces light up when they felt a little kick.

Weird pregnancy things: Since the skin on my belly is starting to stretch to it's capacity, I am getting super itchy. It's quite aggravating. Any cream suggestions would be much appreciated!

Happy or moody? Happy

Belly button in or out? Starting to pop out a little!!!

Stretch marks? Nothing yet

Looking forward to: Getting home and finishing the nursery! Alex and I are both bummed that we fly home tomorrow, but it's crazy to think that next time we see his parents, there will be a baby to cuddle!!! I feel like we are in the home stretch now!!

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