On the Saturday before we came home, I had the biggest surprise ever!
Let me start off by saying that I am quite a suspicious person, so it's not the easiest to surprise me.
But they all did such a great job!
I literally was completely clueless to what was going on.

Alex and I had to do a couple errands at Target and before we left I told Chris that we would only be about a half hour.
She kept saying: "Oh take as long as you need. No rush at all."
Once we got to Target, Alex wanted to "shop around", and since I just finished working there I wasn't really in the mood to walk around, but I humoured him.
Apparently we were a little ahead of time because Alex then suggested we walk around the mall for a bit.
My response: "I really don't want to be walking around a mall on a Saturday, especially when we can do that in Ottawa. I want to spend time with your parents."
Then while we were driving home Alex took a wrong turn and I caught him in it.
Poor kid was trying so hard to stall, but since I know the roads in his parents neighbourhood just as well as him I was pointing out little shortcuts he could to take so we wouldn't loose that much time.

When we arrived I tried to unlock the door, but someone was holding the lock.
Then after a few seconds Chris opens the door just a crack and says: "I need you to pick up some oranges for me."
She then closes the door and I just stare at Alex in shock.
As we walked back to the car I quickly glance into the house and see Aunty Cathy's silhouette along with some balloons.
Then everything clicked.
I turned to Alex and said: "I know exactly what's going on here!"

Even though my entry wasn't Chris had planned, it was still such a nice surprise!
Alex's family completely spoiled us and our baby!
It never ceases to amaze me how selfless family is.
The fact that we pretty much don't have to spend a penny of our own money our baby things is such a blessing!
Both of our families have just been so generous, I will forever be grateful to them.

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  1. thats so fun! a surprise baby shower, that is the best.
    i'm always finding out about surprises beforehand. i like knowing everything.
    cant wait to see your little boy.


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