+ It has been sunny everyday for over a week now, so needless to say I've been smiling a lot.

+ I was a quarter of a way through a book and unfortunately I had to stop reading it. I thought I could get past the language, but it just got to the point where those were the only words I was reading.

+ I have been in a such a baking mood lately!! Cookies last week, banana muffins this week. Yum!

+ Along the same line as baking, I've been making more of an effort with my cooking skills and I am loving it!! Planning our meals for the week has been such fun!

+ Got to babysit my two nieces, and I can't wait for our little man to join in their playtime!!

+ My favourite thing about short hair: I only have to style the top layer, and no one knows the difference. Hooray for quick, lazy hairstyles.

+ Starting my hospital bag list. I want to make sure I don't leave anything out so I'm starting quite early.

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