This is the very first product I've ever tried from Organix and I am definitely hooked.
My hair feels so light and bouncy whenever I use it!

My hair is more on the frizzy/fuzzy end of the scale so conditioner is an absolute must for me.
My dad was the one that actually introduced me to this conditioner and it is hands down the best conditioner I have ever used!
Conditioners usually leave a weird residue in my hair, or weigh it down.
This one however just leaves my hair smooth, while leaving the natural volume.

Heat Protectant
I've been using this product for a little over a year now and it has been such a life saver!
I don't use it every time I wash my hair, but usually twice a month.
I have a lot of frizzy baby hairs and this help tame them when I am using heating tools.

I'm a firm believer of texturizing sprays.
My hair can some times look a little dull, but after I use this spray my natural highlights "pop".

What are your go-to haircare products?



+ It has been sunny everyday for over a week now, so needless to say I've been smiling a lot.

+ I was a quarter of a way through a book and unfortunately I had to stop reading it. I thought I could get past the language, but it just got to the point where those were the only words I was reading.

+ I have been in a such a baking mood lately!! Cookies last week, banana muffins this week. Yum!

+ Along the same line as baking, I've been making more of an effort with my cooking skills and I am loving it!! Planning our meals for the week has been such fun!

+ Got to babysit my two nieces, and I can't wait for our little man to join in their playtime!!

+ My favourite thing about short hair: I only have to style the top layer, and no one knows the difference. Hooray for quick, lazy hairstyles.

+ Starting my hospital bag list. I want to make sure I don't leave anything out so I'm starting quite early.



How far along are you? 32 weeks.

Weight gain: 30 pounds

Sleep: Late morning naps have become a habit for me. I'm sleeping relatively well now, but even if I get a full 8 hours, I'm still pretty tired. So I usually wake up at 7:30 and then go back to bed around 8:30-9 for a couple more hours. So far it's been doing the trick.

Movement: There are two very different and distinct types of movement that he does: (1) Rolling while pushing out (2) Really intense, hyper kicking and twitching. For the most part he does the first movement more than the second.

Favourite moments: Watching Alex get more and more exciting for the arrival of our baby. At least 3 times a day he'll say: "I just want to cuddle this baby already!" So dang adorable!

Weird pregnancy things: I have exercise induced asthma, and I haven't had an attack in years. Last Thursday I was carrying a couple bags to the Salvation Army across the street and I had a full on attack. I've mentioned in previous posts that it doesn't take much for me to become breathless, but now I have to take my puffer everywhere just to be safe.

Happy or moody? :) :)

Belly button in or out? I've come to the realization that this belly button is staying put. It's slightly out, but not fully.

Stretch marks? In all honesty I don't feel like my belly has grown much over the past month, so stretch marks are still the same

Looking forward to: I finally put up the curtains in the nursery, so all we have left to do is put up a couple pictures and some floating shelves and it is all done!!!!!



Since the new year I have felt such a rejuvenation and need to get things done.
Back when I was still working, I found it so hard to come home and find the energy to clean or cook.
But now I am absolutely loving it!!
I put on Broadway Musicals and just sing my little heart out as I do the housework.

Call me old fashioned, but I love keeping a house.
I find it so weird living in a world where the role of a woman is constantly challenged and questioned.
I feel I have never been so productive in my life.
I love this life I've chosen.
I love being a wife.
And I can not wait to be a mother.



+ Reorganizing cupboards and closets has become my life. The amount of crap we've collected over our year and a half of marriage is pathetic. Always love a good clear out.

+ I've had the 25th anniversary of Les Mis on repeat for 2 days now. Why is it that I feel more productive when musicals play in the background.

+ The nursery is literally about 95% done!!!! Just need to hang some pictures and get rid of the desk and it is baby ready!!!!!

+ I can't get enough of reading birth stories on blogs. I love how everyone's story is different, and yet beautiful. I admit I have slight nerves about going into labour, but for the most part I'm excited.

+ I actually baked the other day (which never happens). And of course Alex and I ate them in one night.

+ My second niece (Adelaide) is smiling and babbling away now and it melts me. Having little conversations with her is the sweetest.



How far along are you? 31 weeks

Weight gain: 29 pounds

Sleep: Getting pretty rough, but luckily a nap usually solves it.

Movement: His movements are getting a little on the uncomfortable side. Starting to try and burrow his way out, which makes me feel very tight on the inside.

Favourite moments: A couple nights ago I laid on my back, belly exposed, while Alex and I just watched the belly roll as he moves around.

Weird pregnancy things: My dreams are starting to get a little weird. Nothing terrible or upsetting ever happens, they are just very realistic and I wake up pretty confused and disorientated.

Happy or moody? :) :)

Belly button in or out? Still not fully out yet

Stretch marks? Same as last week.

Looking forward to: Getting everything sorted out with maternity leave. Turns out I may actually qualify which would be a nice little bonus to our bank account.



January 19 2013

A blizzard.
And yet my father still persisted on driving to the Montreal Temple.
I was clueless as to what was about to happen.
I sat in the waiting room and read while Alex and my family did a session.
Alex came out early and said he needed to visit the distribution centre.
We walked through the heavy snow until Alex stopped me.
Although I do not remember the precise words that were said, I do remember them being simple and sincere.
He slowly got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked a question that would change my life forever.
After a few moments of shock, I said yes, he put the ring on my finger and we shared our first kiss.

I thought I loved him then, but I really had no idea.



      Well I did it again.
      Took the short hair plunge.
      I can only seem to go a certain amount of time with long hair before I get the itch to chop it all again.
      Besides with the baby's due date quickly approaching, I thought a length that was quick to style would be a life saver for me.



How far along are you? 30 weeks

Weight gain: 29 pounds

Sleep: I finally figured out why my sleeping has been so messed up. Sammy sleeps at my feet most nights so I can't stretch my legs out, and when I do I get an excruciating pain my calves. Might have to kick him out of the bedroom for the next few months.

Movement: Oh yes. He's turned into a roller and I must admit it's the weirdest feeling ever. Still sweet, but just a little odd feeling.

Favourite moments: The past week while I've been sitting on the couch, Sammy comes along and cuddles on my belly. He doesn't even seems bothered by the baby moving and kicking against him.

Weird pregnancy things: We live on the 3rd floor of a 4 floor walk up, so it's becoming quite the workout walking up the stairs. It's quite entertaining how easily out of breath you become when you're pregnant.

Happy or moody? Happy

Belly button in or out? Still not fully popped yet

Stretch marks? Getting more and more every week

Looking forward to: (1) I now get to visit my midwife every 2 weeks!!! We're getting closer. (2) Looking into prenatal classes. Can not wait to learn more about the birthing process.



      I suffer from dry skin all year round, but during the winter months it no only gets worse, but also itchy and sensitive.
      Today I thought I would share my favourite moisturizers that save my skin in the winter.
      I have so many Body Shop body butters, but for the winter I prefer to stay away from overly scented moisturizers and just stick to the Vitamin E one.
      There is nothing more annoying than using greasy, heavy and cream.
      This hand cream is absolutely perfect because it is a mixture of cream and gel formula that instantly soaks into the skin.
      Tip: Apply throughout the day when needed
      This is a new product that I just introduced into my skincare routine a few weeks ago and I love it!!
      It adds so much moisture, especially to my problem areas on my face.
      Tip: Apply right before makeup and it acts as a primer.
      I refuse to buy the full size of this lip balm simply because it is way too overpriced.
      So I am trying to use this sample size sparingly!
      Tip: I like to apply it right before bed so when I wake up my lips are moisturized.



      The bromance between these two is just too darling.
      I can't believe that in a couple short months we will have a new addition to our family cuddles on the couch.
      The days just seem to be speeding by.
      It seems like yesterday Alex asked me to marry him.
      And here we are 2 years later awaiting the arrival of our first child.
      Times are changing.



      Cozy days are an absolute must in Canadian winters.
      And this year, since I am 6+ months pregnant, those days are becoming quite the regular occurrence.
      So here are a few of my must haves on a cozy day in.

      1// Get comfy
      Leggings, a loose knit sweater and a cuddly blanket are an absolute must on cold winter days and nights.

      2// Make a cup of tea
      My favourite herbal tea for 2 years now has been Tim Horton's pumpkin spice tea. It is absolutely heavenly!
      3// Grab a book
      I am currently reading Scott Westerfeld's most recent novel "Afterworlds". Definitely has potential. 
      I've only read a few chapters, but I can already tell I'm really going to enjoy it.

      4// Light a candle
      I'm a huge fan of Bath and Body Works candles (surprise surprise), but I especially love their winter candles.
      My two favourite scents for the winter months are Fresh Balsam and Pumpkin Gingerbread.

      5// Cuddle up
      Cuddles are always the sweetest, but they seem to be just a tad more special when it's cold outside.
      Although my favourite cuddles are with Alex, Sammy does make a great substitution when he's at work or school.
      The perfect way to end a cozy day in, is to go to sleep in a warm, comfy bed.
      Parachute Home offers beautiful, soft bedding that is manufactured in Tuscany.
      All their bedding is made with the finest long-staple Egyptian cotton to ensure a quality that softens over time.

      What are your cozy day must haves?



How far along are you? 29 weeks

Weight gain: 27 pounds

Sleep: I've been waking up the past couple nights just feeling a little uncomfortable. Tonight I am going to try the "pillow under the belly" trick.

Movement: He's quieted down a little since we got back from Winnipeg, but I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I'm trying to stay away from sugar and sweets.

Favourite moments: Yesterday I unpacked all our baby gifts from the Winnipeg shower. I just can't help but smile at all the cute little clothes!

Weird pregnancy things: Well the time has come. I have officially become pregnant in my legs. My jeans still fit, but they are slightly uncomfortable, so I want to buy a pair one size up for just a little more wiggle room. I've literally been living in dresses and leggings the past few days.

Happy or moody? Happy

Belly button in or out? It's almost fully popped!

Stretch marks? So this is slightly embarrassing. I haven't been in front of a full length mirror in 2 weeks, so yesterday when I was getting dressed I noticed that I have quite a few stretch marks on the lower right half of my stomach. Since I can not see the bottom half of my belly I never noticed them. So yes a few stretch marks.

Looking forward to: Getting back on track with eating healthy. Luckily our fridge is practically empty so I can really start fresh.



On the Saturday before we came home, I had the biggest surprise ever!
Let me start off by saying that I am quite a suspicious person, so it's not the easiest to surprise me.
But they all did such a great job!
I literally was completely clueless to what was going on.

Alex and I had to do a couple errands at Target and before we left I told Chris that we would only be about a half hour.
She kept saying: "Oh take as long as you need. No rush at all."
Once we got to Target, Alex wanted to "shop around", and since I just finished working there I wasn't really in the mood to walk around, but I humoured him.
Apparently we were a little ahead of time because Alex then suggested we walk around the mall for a bit.
My response: "I really don't want to be walking around a mall on a Saturday, especially when we can do that in Ottawa. I want to spend time with your parents."
Then while we were driving home Alex took a wrong turn and I caught him in it.
Poor kid was trying so hard to stall, but since I know the roads in his parents neighbourhood just as well as him I was pointing out little shortcuts he could to take so we wouldn't loose that much time.

When we arrived I tried to unlock the door, but someone was holding the lock.
Then after a few seconds Chris opens the door just a crack and says: "I need you to pick up some oranges for me."
She then closes the door and I just stare at Alex in shock.
As we walked back to the car I quickly glance into the house and see Aunty Cathy's silhouette along with some balloons.
Then everything clicked.
I turned to Alex and said: "I know exactly what's going on here!"

Even though my entry wasn't Chris had planned, it was still such a nice surprise!
Alex's family completely spoiled us and our baby!
It never ceases to amaze me how selfless family is.
The fact that we pretty much don't have to spend a penny of our own money our baby things is such a blessing!
Both of our families have just been so generous, I will forever be grateful to them.



How far along are you? 28 weeks

Weight gain: 25 pounds.. thank you Christmas ;)

Sleep: I have finally been sleeping through the night!!! The entire time we've been in Winnipeg I've slept beautifully. Then again that could do with the fact that I've gone to sleep at 1am every night. Luckily I'm not too tired during the day.

Movement: As soon as I lay down he starts rolling around. Also when we were watching hockey, Godzilla and The Hobbit he became quite active.

Favourite moments: My in laws have both been able to feel him move during our visit, and it was so cute seeing their faces light up when they felt a little kick.

Weird pregnancy things: Since the skin on my belly is starting to stretch to it's capacity, I am getting super itchy. It's quite aggravating. Any cream suggestions would be much appreciated!

Happy or moody? Happy

Belly button in or out? Starting to pop out a little!!!

Stretch marks? Nothing yet

Looking forward to: Getting home and finishing the nursery! Alex and I are both bummed that we fly home tomorrow, but it's crazy to think that next time we see his parents, there will be a baby to cuddle!!! I feel like we are in the home stretch now!!



On December 27th 2012, I flew down to Winnipeg to surprise Alex and meet his parents.
We met in the sweetest little creperie, Kawaii Crepes.
I'll never forget the look on his face when he walked in with his dad to find me sitting at a table with his mom just smiling.
I was so nervous about flying by myself, but I am so glad my mom pushed me to go.
Things would have gone very differently if I hadn't taken the flight down.

We've come back to Winnipeg twice since then, and we've always made sure there was time in our visit for a little date there.
My life will officially be complete when they open a Kawaii Crepe in Ottawa.


HAPPY 2015

I will always be a homebody, but sometimes it is such fun to dress up and celebrate.
Every year seems to go by faster and faster.
I can't believe it is already 2015!!
Going to be a great year, I can feel it!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

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