Some days you just need flowers.
Work can be a pain, your body can do weird things, and stressful thoughts slowly then quickly can take over.
Thankfully I married a gem of a man who knows when those days are (even when he hasn't seen me all day)

I use to gag at "lovey-dovey" things when I was in my late teens early twenties.
Even though I am hopeless romantic.
Ironic right?
See I loved the concept of romance.
The idea of sweet little moments, that sweep you off your feet.
But because they never happened to me, I became disgusted by them.
Thankfully I married a gem of a man who changed my mind.

Over the past 3 years I've become more and more self conscious about my body.
I guess after loosing 50 pounds, I am terrified of gaining it all back (and then some).
Which is weird because I never used to be self conscious.
But it keeps slipping back into my mind.
Thankfully I married a gem of a man who makes me feel beautiful whenever he is around.

All in all I'm just thankful for him.



I am so excited to introduce all of you to Brittany and her blog. I love stumbling into people through social media that have a strong voice and faith. 

Name: Brittany Knight
Blog Name: That's Pretty Ace

What should readers expect to find on your blog?
Joy and encouragement. The purpose of That's Pretty Ace is to "share joy in the simplest ways" - to encourage you to form your life around what matters, and seeking ways you can use your talents for God's glory. That might look like using your listening skills to strengthen your relationships with your co-workers. It might look like you using your love of cooking to create regular fellowship around the table,. It could be you learning to see your beauty through God's eyes. Whatever the form, TPA is there to encourage and inspire you.

What is your favourite post you’ve written, and why?
The Ruby Project as a whole has been such a blessing to me. I've spent the last few months interviewing and featuring women, asking them about their daily lives, and helping them to see that the "every day" moments are actually powerful and God-fueled... and that they have something very special to offer the world.

What inspires you?
Kindness. Observing and participating in people just being good to each other, loving each other with the love of Christ, is so moving to me. I'm also very inspired by the ocean (thus why it's in all of my pictures!). I've always felt I can begin to grasp the majesty and power of the Lord best when I stand before the ocean... it's so incredibly beautiful and vast, and it's also quite terrifying if I begin to think of what all lies in it's depths and the fact that it can sweep a boat down into it. My husband and I got married by the sea, and it's a very restorative thing to me to be by the water.
What are you closet essentials?
Since traveling to Europe for a two month school study in 2010, I've had my closet paired down to basically fit into two large suitcases at any point in time! This means that pretty much everything in my closet is an essential (and makes getting dressed a breeze). For summertime, I love delicate white or cream tops​ paired with either my red chino shorts or skinny jeans rolled at the ankles. I also have a nude colored pair of sandals and bold white earrings that I'm wearing nearly every day. They make me feel understatedly glamorous :) 

Why did you decide to start a blog?
I dreamt of beginning a blog for several years before launching my own... I had been an avid blog reader for so long, and felt like I had the skills and content to be able to make something very informative and helpful to other women. However, once I got started, I realized that something wasn't quite right. I got burnt out trying to create high-quality content five days a week. I begin praying to God, asking Him what His will was in this, and finally letting myself come to the point where I was fine letting go of this dream if it wasn't meant to be. After several months of prayer, God begin stirring my heart to use TPA to serve him and to serve others. I began writing more openly about my faith, and let go of sharing only the prettiest "highlight reel" moments of my life. I became authentic, and in turn, was able to connect with so many wonderful women. I've been blessed ten times over since giving my dream, my blog, to God and letting Him be in control, and I've seen evidence of Him moving and using it to bring Him glory. I'm so honored to be able to use the gifts and skills He's given me to make much of Him. 
Something random:
I played the ukelele at our wedding last summer...! I took voice lessons for ten years, and have always enjoyed singing, but don't do very much "performing". My husband loves it when I sing, so as a wedding gift to him, I sang one of his favorite songs ("The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michelson) at our reception and played a ukelele he had purchased a few years before on a trip to Mexico. I secretly stole it to get professional strings put on, and then taught myself how to play two weeks before our wedding date! I had taken guitar lessons for a few months in high school, but outside of that, I had no instrumental experience. It was so fun, and turned out really sweet. I was thrilled to be able to use one of my gifts to honor him and share love with our families and friends on our special day! 



My poor little blog.
I feel I have neglected you these past few weeks.
It feels like forever since I have actually written about life.
Things have been go, go, GO.

And even though life has been so busy, it's been super fun.
Since I opened my little photography business, things have really picked up for me.
I have finally found something that not only pushes my creativity, but also that I can see myself doing  once we have a family.
It doesn't feel like working to me.
It's doing something I love and I get paid for it.
I used to be one those people who hated that everyone who owned a DSLR started a business.
Well I guess I'm one of those people.
I am just beyond grateful for opportunities I have to grow and to develop my talents.

So yes life has been just dandy.
But dandy.

Not much an update.
More of a: let me ramble about on and on about finding a job I am passionate about.



I haven't done one of these in a while.
I used to hate telling people I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
It was such a terrifying ordeal for me.
But with much prayer over the years, and with the help of this little blog, it's become easier and easier to talk about my faith, and my identity.
Enjoy your Sunday.



A few months ago I talked about pushing my boundaries with contacting other bloggers to collaborate and get to know better.
After months of thinking of new ideas I've decided to start a new blog series:
Get to know.
There are so many talented bloggers out there that inspire me, and I thought it would be a fun way to share their content with you!

So with that, meet Meg & Lex!
Youtube Channel: Meg & Lex Co.

What should people expect to find on your blog/channel?
Admittedly we do fancy all things beauty so you will find reviews & perhaps a few makeup tutorials. We aren't makeup artists by any means, but we sure enjoy pretending. Also, channeling our inner housewife, you will findl DIYs, recipes & other tidbits about our lives. Brace yourself for a whole lot of awkward, mildly inappropriate jokes & occasional giveaways.

Favorite video you've made and why?
Our TMI tag was good fun to film. We must have been hyped up on sugar because we couldn't hold it together for more than a few minutes without laughing hysterically. Next in line would be our DIY Cacti & Succulent Garden because succulents are adorable & rarely die. Plus it was fun to break out of the beauty box & get our hands dirty in the garden.
What inspires you?
Pink lipstick, our husbands & Target.

What are you closet essentials?
Meg: Days that require looking like a grown adult, I can't go wrong with a pair of wing-tipped shoes.
Lex: Floral everythang. Also, I believe kimonos will spruce up any look but still be comfy.
Why did you decide to start a YouTube channel?
Mostly because we needed a hobby (& we want to be best friends with Jaclyn Hill.)

Something random: 
Our three favourite makeup products
Meg: Garnier BB Cream (the oil free version,) Mac's Blush in Sunbasque & Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
Lex: Mac's Fix Plus, Anastasia Brow Wiz & Mac's Pro Longwear Concealer. 

These girls just seem like they would be so much fun to have a girls night with.
Seriously, I just want to hang out with them.
Go give them some love!



Sorry for things looking a little wacky around here.
Time for another design change..
yet again.



This past weekend was just what we needed.
No internet, no phone connection.
Just us, in a little cute cottage covered in ivy.



 Our anniversary consisted of:

+ some fishing and bike riding
+ a stake dinner
+ wearing our wedding attire
+ taking pictures
+ drinking non-alcoholic sangria (Alex loved it, me not so much)
+ eating the top of our wedding cake
+ cuddles and VHS movies (the cottage we stayed in had a VCR/DVD player. Felt like childhood again)

I love this boy tremendously.
Doesn't matter what we're doing, it always feels special.



One year ago today, two smitten young adults said yes.
Yes to late night chats.
Yes to early morning wake ups.
Yes to unintentional disagreements.
Yes to falling more and more in love.
Yes to movie marathoning.
Yes to endless conversations about raising a family.
Yes to tickle fights and back rubs.
Yes to learning.
Yes to having the most fun we've ever had.
Yes to random water fights in the kitchen.
Yes to serenades while doing the dishes.
Yes to being weird.
Yes to sharing things we've never told anyone before.
Yes to nose nibbles.
Yes to making decisions together.
Yes to kissing, lots of kissing.

Yes to each other.
For eternity.

I love you Alexander.
I can't wait to see what the years to come bring us.

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