+ After 1 and a half years, I am back using an iPhone. As much as I loved my Android, it feels good having light coloured backgrounds. To me, that's a huge deal.

+ Saturday didn't feel like a day off, simply because it wasn't ;) Hours have been so random at work the past month, so a lot of us have been picking up cashier shifts. It felt odd dealing with customers all day long (since I am a merchandiser and we only talk to people who are in our area). Thank goodness we are back to or regular department this week.

+ We are no longer the newlywed couple in our ward. Officially. Newlyweds never move into our ward, so it's awesome to have a brand spankin' new couple to get to know.

+ One of my dearest is down from BC for a visit with his wife. I haven't seen Robert Dromey in a year and a bit, so it was great to catch up and tease each other like old times. Since it was my first 6am shift in a while today, we planned on getting to bed around 9. But time seems to just speed by when you're visiting with people. Robert and Tiffany didn't end leaving our place until 11. But it was way worth it!

Had a great weekend overall. I'm just not looking forward to saying goodbye to a certain family tonight.



That describes perfectly how I've felt the past week.
In a good way.

Last Wednesday I officially launched my photography business.
I have always had a love for photography, and even though it was a dream of mine to start a business, I didn't want to.
Weird right?

Here's the thing, as I've mentioned before, I suffer from anxiety.
I hate putting myself out there, whether that be in social environments, or in starting something new.
I put myself down, and question everything I do.
So when I finally got the guts to create a Facebook page, and make it public, I was terrified.
This little voice in my head kept saying "No one cares. There are countless photographers who are way more talented than you. Why would anyone hire you? You have no idea what your doing."
But as the days have gone by, that voice has gotten quieter and quieter.

I knew I could count on a few friends and family members to be supportive.
But I was in no way prepared for the amount of support and kind comments/emails I received.
I was, and still am completely speechless.

As I continue grow, I can't wait for that little voice of doubt to be completely silenced.



+ After almost 2 years, I am finally re-watching season 3 of Downton Abbey. I thought I had recovered from the trauma, but apparently I haven't.

+ Alex and I chaperoned a tri-stake youth dance. It was prom themed, so it was super cute to see everyone dressed up. Although I am glad the days of awkward teenager interaction is done for me. Marriage rocks.

+ Went to see X-Men: Days of Future Past. SO. GOOD.

+ Launched my photography business and I am completely blown away from the amount of support I have received! Already booking some sessions, and I am getting more and more excited.

+ Sunday my family went to the Larson's goodbye party. It still hasn't sunk in that this family is leaving. These kids became my younger siblings. So many memories with this dear family.

How was your weekend?



Before my shoot with our friends on Monday, Alex and I scoped out the area to find good spots to take the pictures.
When I was looking through the pictures after I came across a thought.
Style isn't about what's being posted Pinterest, what's being designed for the catwalk, or what stores are selling.
It's what you as a person feel comfortable wearing.

For me it's neutrals and simple accessories.
For Alex it's sports jerseys and jeans.
Wear whatever you like to wear and rock it.

I think as a world of people, we need to start being true to ourselves and pull away from following fads.



I've been toying around with the idea of doing photography on the side.
It's become something that I love doing so much, and I feel the best way for me to learn and grow is to do it as often as I can.
So when a dear friend of mine asked me to do their family photos, I couldn't refuse.
I still need to work on a few details, but once my portfolio grows I really want to commit to this.
I'm determined to make it happen.
So stay tuned.
Exciting things are about to happen!



I've decided to try a new little series called:
S.O.S. - Save our skin
Because I live in an area that experiences every drastic type of weather, my makeup routine changes according to the season.
So here is what I wear/use to apply my makeup in the summer months.

1 // Moisturizer
I am absolutely loving the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating gel. No matter what time of year it is, my skin is always super dry. It get's a little more hydrated during the summer, but only just a little. What I love about this moisturizer is that because it is a gel formula, it gives a cooling effect when you apply it, and it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or heavy. Nice lightweight formula, that gives the perfect amount of hydration. 

2 // Foundation
For years I only used heavy cover foundations. Instead of enhancing my features, I would just cake makeup on to cover everything. My skin could barely breathe. It was awful. But last year I started to shy away from heavy foundations and lean more towards medium/light coverage foundations. My go-to foundation is hands down the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in the colour 110 Ivory. It is the perfect base for any time of year. It has a build able coverage and makes my skin look healthy and dewy :)

3 // Blush
I tend to gravitate towards cream blushes. I find they are much more buildable than powder. I don't believe Maybelline makes this blush anymore, but it is one of my favourite blushes, ever!! It's the Dream Mouse blush in the shade 20. It's a very light peach with a little shimmer to it. Perfect for summer.

4 // Eyes
Now and again I'll wear some liquid liner, but for the most part I just wear some neutral eye shadows and mascara. I usually swap between two mascaras: L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black, and Maybelline Falsies.

5 // Lips
As much as I love lipstick, in the summer I prefer to wear lip stains. They are much lighter, and less sticky. The Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Victoria is the perfect pink shade. Random fact: this was the very lip stain I wore on my wedding. And I've been loving it ever since!

6 // Applicators
Clearly from this picture you can tell I am huge fan of the Real Techniques brushes/sponge. Not only are they incredible quality, they are super affordable. I don't like spending any more than $15 on a brush, and since their brushes range anywhere from $6 - $13 it's the perfect price range for me. I've noticed such a difference after using these brushes. I highly, highly recommend them.

What are your S.O.S. beauty products for the summer?



I'm so glad that I was raised in a family where both my mom and dad were active in my life.
I love my mom just as much as I love my dad, but I am definitely a daddy's girl.

We both get anxious around social gatherings.
And yet we both love giving presentations and speeches.
We are both super competitive 
We both love 
We love a good action film. 
We are rule book and instruction manual type of people.
We like to watch concert DVDs (Sting and Bruce Springsteen of course)
Our favourite people to be around is family.

Happy Father's day, dad!
I love you.



Over the past few months I have really loved trying different things with gift wrapping.
I love adding little touches that can drastically change a simple gift box.
And since Father's Day is tomorrow, I thought I would share  a little gift wrapping inspiration.
+ Gift box (Dollar Store, $1)
+ Gift Wrap (Target, $1)
+ Glue gun (Michael's)
+ Gift bow (Target, from a Christmas pack)
+ Craft string (Target, $1)
+ Scissors, pencil
+ Gift card (mine is from Treat)

When I was first introduced to Treat Greeting Cards, I was immediately struck by the variety of card designs they offered.
I love the freedom of being able to add a customized message in any font, or colour I want.

For the wrapping itself, I wanted to keep the colour scheme bright and simple so I went with blue, gold, black and white.
Since I'm used to wrapping things in a more girly way, I wanted to try and keep it unisex, but still have fun little details.
I used one of my favourite paper bow templates (found here) to create a bow out of wrapping paper.
To complete is I added a little gold bow and voila:
Hope you are all able to give your dad a great big hug on Father's Day!



For the past 3 years our stake has put on an event called: Evening on Broadway.
It's a selection of 12-14 Broadway/Disney songs from various musicals.
We are in full costume, put theatre makeup on, and get head mics. 
The stage has sets, props and lighting selected for each piece. 
We are accompanied by a live, full orchestra.

The man behind it all is Mark Mitchell.
The preparation starts back in October.
Mark personally writes an arrangement of every song, for every single instrument in the orchestra.
Practises start anywhere from January to April.
Every year the week before is quite stressful and unorganized.
But year after year it always magically comes together on the big night. 

I didn't think anything could top last year's, but this year was hands my favourite year.
The pieces that were performed were:

It's a hard knock life - Annie
Little girls - Annie
In my own little corner - Cinderella
Lida Rose - Music Man
Once upon a December - Anastasia
Seize the day - Newsies
Little bird - Man of La Mancha
Impossible dream - Man of La Mancha
Lonely goatherd - Sound of Music
Cruella Devil - 101 Dalmations
Daddy's Son - Ragtime
Finale - Les Miserables (full 8 minute version)

This year I was lucky to be asked to play Cosette in the finale.
Not only did I get to wear my wedding dress again, but I was able to play along side my dad.
My mom reminded me of something on closing night that really hit me.
When I was 6/7 years old I sang Castle on a Cloud at a wedding reception, and almost 20 years later I played older Cosette as a married women.
Full circle.
It was a beautiful experience to be in just one scene from my favourite musical. 



+ I do not like the character I'm playing, but it sure is an amazing feeling to wear my wedding dress again and play my father's daughter.

+ Thankfully there was no awkwardness playing a newlywed with someone who is not my husband. I much prefer Alex's forehead kisses anyway. Just saying.

+ I have the sweetest in-laws on this earth! I've always dreamed of having roses after performing, and they sent me a huge bouquet of roses after my performance. Even though they couldn't make it, it was great to know I had their love and support.

+ I have always felt "at home" on stage. And to hear someone tell me, who has connections, "You need to perform in the community. You are a complete natural on stage. I'll send you some emails." .. WHAT???!!! :)

+ I'm already dreading tonight. Simply because I don't want it to end!

*I'll go more into detail about what this is all about in my next post. I'm pretty exhausted, and I have errands to do before heading off for another performance tonight.



One of my favourite parts about spring in Ottawa is the annual Tulip Festival.
Along Dow's Lake there are thousands and thousands of tulips growing in all different colours.
I've gone so many times, but I still love walking around with my camera and just capturing this beautiful time of year.

I come alive during springtime. 



My weekend included:
+ sleeping in
+ making healthy pancakes
+ taking the time to straighten my hair properly (I'm talking actually going section by section)
+ fooling around on Lightroom 5 (!!)
+ attending Stake Conference
+ staying up late with Alex watching The Saratov Approach (incredible movie!)
+ catching up with friends across the stake
+ Skyping with my in-laws
+ cuddling with Alex until super late (I love having Monday mornings off)
+ gathering up the courage to call someone about a job inquiry.

What was your weekend like?

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