A couple weeks ago a surprise came in the mail.
A birthday present.

Back in November I mentioned once to Alex that I would love a vintage inspired Boston Red Sox baseball hat.
It literally was just a passing comment, that wasn't meant as a hint at all.
But he listened and ordered it a few weeks later for my birthday.
The reason why it came so late was that it was on back order, but it was the nicest surprise.

I love that I am married to man who does the most thoughtful things.
He cleans the kitty litter because he knows I hate the smell.
He gives me back massages when I'm stressed.
He understands when I need go to bed early on our nights together because I'm zonked from work.
He makes me feel beautiful when I look like a mess.
But most importantly he loves me.
I'm too lucky.

Also can we just talk about how cute Samwise is.
Love this little snuggle bug of a kitten!



Like I mentioned a few posts ago, Alex and I spent last weekend visiting Adam and Alicia in Toronto.
It was our first time hanging out just the 4 of us and it was a much needed break for Alex and I.
We did so many fun things but Sunday was my favourite day.
We went bowling, watched some Olympics and played games. 

I learned two things that day.
The first I am horrible at bowling.
And the second is that it is always fun to do activities that remind you of being 16 again.

Hope you are all enjoying your week so far!!




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Have a great Sunday!



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As I've mentioned in previous posts, I teach the Young Women at my church.
It's such an incredible experience, especially since I was in the YWs with some of the girls I teach.
One of my goals this year was to push myself with teaching.
Slideshows, handouts and activities.
Yes it's cheezy, but I love it!!

And since I've learned so much about graphic design I thought I would use that skill in my lessons.
So going forward I thought it would be fun to share with you every Sunday a quote or scripture that I used in my lesson and that I designed as well.

This week I taught the girls about how our choices matter.
aka Agency.
I absolutely adored this quote by Thomas S. Monson.
Everything we choose to do (or not to do) has eternal repercussions.
I don't know about you, but I plan on choosing the right destiny.
The destiny I always wanted.
To return to my Heavenly Father with my family.
All of them. 



This week my little blog turned 4.
Isn't that crazy?!
4 years!
It's been 4 years since I wanted to try something new.
So I opened my laptop and started to write.

As I've mentioned many times on this blog:
I'm a starter, not a finisher. 
There are so many hobbies and skills that I have wanted to try, and have stopped after a few months. 
Blogging is one of the few hobbies that I have stuck with.
Through thick and thin, this blog has stayed here.

So much has changed over the 4 years.
First off the title changed.
4 times... ;)
1// Vanilla Slumber Hopefully that explains why my url is the way it is. And to be honest, I don't plan on changing it. It reminds me of myself 4 years ago. I was such a random kid. Seriously though, go back and read some past posts. They're pretty random and entertaining!
2// A Mile in Her Shoes My blog slowly started to become more lifestyle focused, and I thought the name change was clever. Reading my blog was like walking a mile in my shoes. Get it? Deep right? ;)
3// A & B Since I was engaged I thought I would focus the blog more on Alex and I, instead of just me. I had someone else in my life now that was going to walk with me, and I thought it was appropriate for my blog to reflect that.
4// These are the days I feel that no matter what stage I am in my life, this title will always relate. "These are days, you'll remember" (via) Everyday should be remembered.

I've learned.
+ photography
+ editing
+ graphic design

I've changed. 
I've gone from a girl who was:
+ a student, to a full time merchandiser at Target
+ terrified of making mistakes, to one who faces change head on
+ an awkward single girl, to a happily married wife (then again I'm still awkward with certain things, just no longer with guys.. thank goodness!)

But most importantly,
I've developed.

Lastly, I want to thank YOU.
Yeah you.
I don't see your face, I probably don't even know your name, but knowing that someone reads, and relates to me has helped.
Yes I am awful at replying to comments, but I must tell you that every time I log into blogger and see a comment notification, I get excited to read what you have to say.
The blogging community is absolutely incredible, and I am so blessed to be able to form a connection with people that I never would have known.
You all rock, and I love you!

So this is my longdoesn'tquitemakesensepost to celebrate 4 years of blogging.
Happy Birthday/week little blog!

*make a wish*

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