I must admit that for the longest time, the concept of raising a child in this world terrified me.
There are so many things about this world that are so messed up.
I wish I could just completely shelter him and keep him close to us his whole life.
I don't want the world to destroy him.
Then I heard this quote and it gave me comfort.

The world is going to get much worse before it gets better.
It's inevitable.
We may not be able to control the world, or the experiences our son goes through, but we can control one thing.
We can control how we raise him, and what we teach him.
I want to be 100% invested in his life.
I want him to feel loved, accepted and valued.
I want him know that home is a place where he will always be safe.

Parenthood still terrifies me, to a certain extent.
But at the end of the day Alex and I will always do what is best for this little one.
I just hope he realizes that.


  1. awe you guys will be the best parents!

  2. WOW! I have been having these exact thoughts lately. It can be the most terrifying thing to think that one day we will bring perfect children into the world, but then what? I think this quote is exactly what I, and probably many others, needed to hear. Great thoughts.

  3. I love that quote!!! All we can do as parents, is the best we know how and always with their best interest at heart. It's a learning expereince for sure!

  4. Ah, yeah! This world is super scary.
    i just want my baby to grow up having faith in God and that we'll grow to be friends. But are there any teenagers that actually like their parents??


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