Nesting has officially begun around here.
Yesterday Alex and I picked up the crib, and couldn't help but set it up right away.
I have spent the last 3 hours cleaning out the second bedroom.
The closet especially was full of stuff that I just couldn't part with for whatever reason.
But I decided I needed to brutal with myself, and 7 garbage bags later I feel much, much better!!!!
It's starting to actually look like a nursery, instead of a makeup/dumping ground room.


Last night Alex kept whispering to me: "There's a crib in the other room"
We would then get giddy just thinking about the fact that in a few months there will be a baby sleeping in that crib.
It's getting real people.


  1. I can feel the magic of parenthood between you two, it makes me giddy too. Having kids is the best!!

  2. those little hanging mushrooms are so sweet!!


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