1// Solly Baby Wrap - I've heard great reviews about this baby wrap, and I can't wait to carry around our little one in it :)
2// Moleskine journal - I really want to start journaling everyday again, and I love this bright yellow journal.
3// Initial Necklace - I've been wanting one of these with an "A" on it for a while. I just love the simplicity and sentimentality of it.
4// Sleepshirt - The only comfy types of PJs right now are nightgowns. Only problem is my flannel ones are too hot to wear at night, and I only have one that fits right now.
5// Girl Online - Since I'm going to have couple months off before baby arrives, I want to read as much as I can before my time becomes completely focused on the little one.
6// Orla Kiely baby books - I'm absolutely in love with baby books right now, and these ones are so adorable! I love the colours
7// Bath Bombs - You can never have too many baths!
8// She & Him Classics - She & Him are among one of my favourite musicians

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