While I was reading an old journal last night, I had a thought.
Is this how I want to be remembered?
I wrote in this journal only 4 years ago, yet I cringed at how selfish and prone to complain I was.
Even though I was going through a pretty rough patch, I wish I had written in a more thankful and optimistic way.
I wish I could have handled those situations and trials with more maturity and strength, as opposed to pointing the finger at other people and talking about their faults.
I wish I had written more about how I was feeling, and less about events that have had absolutely zero significance in my life.

I can't help but think what my future ancestors would think if they read this journal.
What would they learn from me?
How would they imagine me?
What characteristics would they want to emulate?

After that little epiphany I've come to a decision:
It's time to start journaling again.
But this time I want to really ponder and take time to write about my thoughts, my feelings and my testimony.
I want to be remembered as loving, gentle, and honest.
Someone who was less concerned about herself, and more for those around her.
Someone I want to become.


  1. I just re read my 8-9 year old journal & laughed & cried at how funny it was. I felt the same way, however I also want my ancestors to know that I wasn't perfect. That there is beauty in the struggle and that I have faults too!

  2. I love journaling so much because of the progression you can see in yourself. Like I love reading back on my high school journals, I mean, I guess I cringe at some of the things I wrote, because you know, I was ridiculous sometimes back then, but in a way, I am grateful I recorded those things because hey - its what mattered to me then. And it's nice to look back and realize that those things don't matter to me anymore and that I have grown, I have changed, and I have become someone better (hopefully, ha).


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