How far along are you? 25 weeks (!!)

Weight gain: 20 pounds

Sleep: I now only wake up twice every night, which is a big improvement! Again my body temperature is constantly changing so I wake up once because I am sweating, and then one more time because I start to shiver. But hey I'll take over the restlessness I've been having the past 2 months!

Movement: I'm feeling him all the time now. Unfortunately he likes to play around when other people try to feel him move. It's as if he knows when it's my hand and when it's not. Little stinker!

Favourite moments: Having customers at work ask me when I'm due. I love how I look obviously pregnant now. And I love even more talking and getting excited with complete strangers. Babies just make everyone happy :)

Weird pregnancy things: (1) Nesting, nesting, nesting. I did a serious clean out of the second bedroom last Friday. I had 7 garbage bags of random stuff to get rid of. My plan for this week is to conquer the shelves in the closet. (2) My sciatic nerve is still giving me grief. If I am on my feet for longer than 2 hours it really starts to pinch.

Fitness: I have been trying to do minimal workouts. Especially since I am going to be done work soon, I want to start an actual weekly schedule so I can keep my body moving for the next 3 months before baby arrives.

Happy or moody? Still happy!

Belly button in or out? In. Although I think it is getting ready to pop. Time will tell.

Stretch marks? Not yet.

Looking forward to: Being done with work. I officially have 2 more shifts... it feels weird to think about it, but a good kind of weird.


  1. you look so cute, i can't believe how far along you are. it's so much fun to read these posts!

  2. ah you're so close to being free from work. and holy cow, 7 bags! i'm proud of you for that. haha i wish i could stop being a hoarder. i'm so excited to see your little tiny baby!!! you better post tons and tons of pictures haha.

  3. you have that glow!! for reals. and i can't remember if i've ever actually told you this..ha but i looove your hair color! it's such a pretty, pretty shade. my grandma's was close to yours (and i've always loved it) and you hardly ever see it.

  4. I thought that I would hate/be annoyed when people would ask about my pregnancy or even now ask how old my baby is and the like, but I'm actually really enjoying it! Seriously, a lot of people love love love babies and I'm grateful for that.


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