Alex made we wait until the first official snowfall to put up the Christmas tree.
Luckily it happened this past Sunday, so I didn't have to wait too long.
Winter is already in full swing in Ottawa.
Bitterly, bitterly cold and already slushy after only one snow fall.
But so far I'm actually loving it (surprisingly)
It's getting more and more excited for Christmas and go on a little vacation to visit family.


I started writing this post yesterday evening.
An event has occurred that has left both Alex and I pretty mad and exhausted.
I make it sound like the end of the world, when it reality it's not a huge deal.
Well it is to us.

Last year we bought a pre-lit Christmas tree.
Sammy would constantly play with it and the branches would fall down.
We've noticed over the past week that because they fell down so much last year, they just fall down by themselves now.
So we assumed Sammy wasn't the problem.
Let me emphasize again that we purchase a pre-lit tree.

Last night we heard something at about 12:30.
Alex runs out to the living room to find that Sammy had completely bit through the cord you need in order to plug the tree in.
Needless to say, our tree now does not light up.
Not only did we spend quite a bit of money on this tree, but now I feel that the whole "magical" aspect of a Christmas tree is gone.

It may sound pathetic, but let me explain.
I have countless memories of the Christmas season of me lying on my couch, all lights off, except for the Christmas tree, having my parent's tell (over and over again) stories from when they were children.
I always loved those moments.
The world just seemed to stand still.
It felt like Christmas would last forever.
And now because of our stupid cat, I don't have that.

Sorry Sammy, I do love ya.
But man, sometimes you're not all angel.


  1. I know what you mean! My sister and brother-in-law gave us their old christmas tree that was pre lit, except the lights were out, so we had to spend like literally an hour untangling the pre lit lights from off the tree and it was a disaster. But now we just have a tree with no lights, so it a strand does go out we won't have to do that again. I accidentally got blue lights, and it doesn't have that warmth and "magic" hahaha.
    I feel like I heard about a spray you can spray on stuff that makes it so your animals don't want to chew it. Maybe that would help for your next tree!
    But hey, your tree still looks amazingggggggg. So there's that.

  2. Seriously, one the best parts of christmas is all of the lights. So sorry!
    I totally know what you mean about the world standing still.


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