I wish I had a valid reason for not blogging the past month and a half.
But I don't.
For some reason I was just not in the mood to blog.
But I am back from a nice little break, and am ready to update you all about life and the pregnancy.

How far along are you? 20 weeks. 
Sleep: I had a month of really bad sleeping patterns, but it has finally calmed down. Although I do get very realistic/weird dreams.
Movement: Just little flutters here and there
Food Cravings: Cream cheese and jam on a pita. I've literally had it for lunch for about 3 weeks straight now.
Queasy or Sick: Nope!! I had the usual waves of nausea during the first few weeks, but no more!
Gender: We found out yesterday...You'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out!
Symptoms: I wake up with a numb left leg every morning, and my tailbone gets pretty achey if I am sitting down for too long. Not to mention I get tired super duper easily!
Belly Button in or out: In.
Weight Gain: 10 pounds
Happy or Moody: I think Alex has to be the one to answer this, but I think for the most part I've been happy.


  1. Bekah you're so beautiful! I love it.. So excited to find out the sex!! Eeeeeeeeeee!

  2. you look gorgeous!! and that cream cheese and jam pita business sounds amazing.

  3. you look stunning!! glad you are back!! :)

  4. cream cheese and jam on a pita recipe plz. like what flavors do you use?

  5. The cutest pregnant lady ever.
    You're adorable.


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