Over the past few years I have read countless amount of posts about how hard marriage is.
And I can't help but cringe every time I read them.

Alex and I have been married a little over a year, but I still think in some instances we're a little clueless and new to this whole marriage thing.
Yes we've had disagreements.
Yes I've had to remove myself from situations in order to cool down.
But that doesn't mean that marriage has to be this overly complicated battle that we need to label "hard".

There are so many different types of relationships.
Friend to friend.
Boss to employee.
Teacher to student.
Parent to child.
Sibling to sibling.
And just like every relationship, they are between two imperfect people.
Every relationship needs work in order to grow.
But if we focus too much on how "hard" the work may be, we loose sight of the beauty in each relationship.

What is hard is life.
Every family has different circumstances that can be very difficult.
But that doesn't mean that the relationships within that family have to be hard.
One thing that I will forever be grateful for is that fact that I never once heard my parents shouting at each other.
I was raised to believe that marriage is between two people who realize that they aren't perfect, but know that love is.
No matter what life threw at our family and their marriage, I never doubted their love for each other or for me.

When we went away for our anniversary weekend I remember thinking back on our first year as husband and wife.
Even though we had our stressful moments, I really don't remember the specifics of our disagreements.
What I remember the most is how much fun we had.

Yes life as a married person can be hard at times, but marriage is not.
And that is my rant for the day.


  1. The divorce lawyers are making a killing because so many people think marriage is "Hard" and give up. When we think about ourselves first, that is what happens. Marriage is not hard, but it does take work and if we are willing to put that effort into it, how wonderful the fruits of our labours are!! Keep working at it sweetheart and you will be amazed how deep that love will become - it just gets better and stronger through the years. Love,Mom xx


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