Last night I realized something.
The last time Alex and I had a trip that lasted a week was when we went Winnipeg a little over a year ago.
We've done many weekend trips the past year, so we are beyond excited to get away for a week.
And the cherry on top:
It's Maine.

Only a few more hours until we leave :)



The biggest reason why I have barely blogged this month is because keeping this a secret has been ridiculously difficult.
We couldn't be happier!
Coming March 2015.

Be prepared from some actually life update posts over the next few weeks.
So much has happened that I can finally share with you all!



I've been a long time reader of Andrea's blog and was so excited that she agreed to write a post for you all!
Do yourself a favour and visit her blog.
You will easily become hooked by her stunning pictures and beautiful way of writing!
Name: Andrea Mehner
Blog: Him & Her
Graphic Design Business: Andrea Mehner Design
Photography Business: Andrea Brionne Photography

What should readers expect to find on your blog?
LOTS of photos of my little family (mainly of our little guy Colsen) and our travel posts! Occasionally I'll have my favorite recipes and DIY posts as well.

What is your favorite post you’ve written, and why?
Most recently, I'd have to say Colsen's birth story. It's probably the longest post I've ever written on my blog and it's a story I wanted to make sure I had written down somewhere. When I was pregnant, I loved to read others' birth story posts so I knew that I wanted to share Colsen's on my blog! Every birth is so different but I feel like we can learn from each others experiences, especially when it comes to life altering events like a child being born. :) 
What inspires you?
My family, my religion, beautiful places and photographs. One of my passions is traveling and whenever I visit new places and different countries, I am constantly being inspired! There's so much culture and beauty in this world and I love experiencing it with my husband and family.

What are your closet essentials?
I'm such a simple person when it comes to style! Especially now that I don't have much time for myself to get ready, I slip on whatever is most comfortable. I tend to lean towards neutral colors, brown leather (boots in the fall or sandals in the summer) and stripes! This summer with being pregnant and now awkwardly adjusting to not being in maternity clothes/still being in some, I've been mostly wearing dresses and leggings! 
Why did you decide to start a blog?
Honestly, I wanted to wait until I was seriously dating/ engaged to my husband before starting a blog (haha!) I thought it was so cute looking at lifestyle blogs of married couples and felt like my life wasn't super exciting until I got married and had something to actually write about! (I know, so cliche.) Over the years, my blog has gone in different directions as I was finding out what I wanted to focus it on. In the end, I've narrowed my blog down towards writing about our travels, photography and of course about random things in life with being married and now having a baby! 

Something random:
I tried so many activities when I was little, trying to figure out what my "talent" was. I did tap dancing, gymnastics, ballet, piano, volleyball and art lessons and ended up quitting all of them (yikes!). Finally, my senior year of high school I discovered what my talent was - photography! Which then led to developing my passion for design. Oh, and another random fact: I just tried pineapple and guacamole last summer and I'm now obsessed with them. (I know, I really missed out all these years being a picky eater...) 



// listening to this song
// thinking about Maine
// wishing I lived closer to the ocean
// eating Cheerios (I like cereal.. a little too much.)
// watching Mary Kate & Ashley movies
// cuddling Alex
// wearing leggings



It never ceases to amaze me how Heavenly Father answers questions in so many different ways.
It will not happen on our timing, but in the Lord's.
He will answer. 



I can't believe it's August!
The months just keep flying by.
All I ask is that the next 3 weeks go just a little faster.

August 26th.
Lime Ricki's
Soda Fountain
Sleeping in
And spending every moment with my sweet, sweet boy
(and that family too of course)

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