One year ago today, two smitten young adults said yes.
Yes to late night chats.
Yes to early morning wake ups.
Yes to unintentional disagreements.
Yes to falling more and more in love.
Yes to movie marathoning.
Yes to endless conversations about raising a family.
Yes to tickle fights and back rubs.
Yes to learning.
Yes to having the most fun we've ever had.
Yes to random water fights in the kitchen.
Yes to serenades while doing the dishes.
Yes to being weird.
Yes to sharing things we've never told anyone before.
Yes to nose nibbles.
Yes to making decisions together.
Yes to kissing, lots of kissing.

Yes to each other.
For eternity.

I love you Alexander.
I can't wait to see what the years to come bring us.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I am still happily married like a newlywed 17 years later. I love seeing other couples that are so in love. You two are great examples!

  2. Aww,so sweet! It gets even better........I promise! Mom xxx

  3. Happy anniversary! This post is so cute

  4. Congrats you guys! You are adorable. :)


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