My poor little blog.
I feel I have neglected you these past few weeks.
It feels like forever since I have actually written about life.
Things have been go, go, GO.

And even though life has been so busy, it's been super fun.
Since I opened my little photography business, things have really picked up for me.
I have finally found something that not only pushes my creativity, but also that I can see myself doing  once we have a family.
It doesn't feel like working to me.
It's doing something I love and I get paid for it.
I used to be one those people who hated that everyone who owned a DSLR started a business.
Well I guess I'm one of those people.
I am just beyond grateful for opportunities I have to grow and to develop my talents.

So yes life has been just dandy.
But dandy.

Not much an update.
More of a: let me ramble about on and on about finding a job I am passionate about.


  1. haha i know what you mean about hating how everyone who has a dslr starting a business, but you're actually talented so it's ok lol.
    the little diary

  2. That's awesome though Bekah, I can tell you are good at it from the pictures you post and take!! I always hated it too, but you are actually talented, thats why your business is picking up, I can't wait to see some of your shoots!!! :):)

  3. you definitely have a keen eye for photography. i love your style.


  4. Happy to hear your photography is off to a good start! :)

  5. how exciting that your photography is taking off! that would be such a fun job & you're so good at it! i love seeing the photos you take :)


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