+ I do not like the character I'm playing, but it sure is an amazing feeling to wear my wedding dress again and play my father's daughter.

+ Thankfully there was no awkwardness playing a newlywed with someone who is not my husband. I much prefer Alex's forehead kisses anyway. Just saying.

+ I have the sweetest in-laws on this earth! I've always dreamed of having roses after performing, and they sent me a huge bouquet of roses after my performance. Even though they couldn't make it, it was great to know I had their love and support.

+ I have always felt "at home" on stage. And to hear someone tell me, who has connections, "You need to perform in the community. You are a complete natural on stage. I'll send you some emails." .. WHAT???!!! :)

+ I'm already dreading tonight. Simply because I don't want it to end!

*I'll go more into detail about what this is all about in my next post. I'm pretty exhausted, and I have errands to do before heading off for another performance tonight.

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  1. ahhh just remembered i need to email you back, i'm the worst!


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