+ After 1 and a half years, I am back using an iPhone. As much as I loved my Android, it feels good having light coloured backgrounds. To me, that's a huge deal.

+ Saturday didn't feel like a day off, simply because it wasn't ;) Hours have been so random at work the past month, so a lot of us have been picking up cashier shifts. It felt odd dealing with customers all day long (since I am a merchandiser and we only talk to people who are in our area). Thank goodness we are back to or regular department this week.

+ We are no longer the newlywed couple in our ward. Officially. Newlyweds never move into our ward, so it's awesome to have a brand spankin' new couple to get to know.

+ One of my dearest is down from BC for a visit with his wife. I haven't seen Robert Dromey in a year and a bit, so it was great to catch up and tease each other like old times. Since it was my first 6am shift in a while today, we planned on getting to bed around 9. But time seems to just speed by when you're visiting with people. Robert and Tiffany didn't end leaving our place until 11. But it was way worth it!

Had a great weekend overall. I'm just not looking forward to saying goodbye to a certain family tonight.

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