That describes perfectly how I've felt the past week.
In a good way.

Last Wednesday I officially launched my photography business.
I have always had a love for photography, and even though it was a dream of mine to start a business, I didn't want to.
Weird right?

Here's the thing, as I've mentioned before, I suffer from anxiety.
I hate putting myself out there, whether that be in social environments, or in starting something new.
I put myself down, and question everything I do.
So when I finally got the guts to create a Facebook page, and make it public, I was terrified.
This little voice in my head kept saying "No one cares. There are countless photographers who are way more talented than you. Why would anyone hire you? You have no idea what your doing."
But as the days have gone by, that voice has gotten quieter and quieter.

I knew I could count on a few friends and family members to be supportive.
But I was in no way prepared for the amount of support and kind comments/emails I received.
I was, and still am completely speechless.

As I continue grow, I can't wait for that little voice of doubt to be completely silenced.


  1. Girl, your photos are great! And I'm pretty sure I have that exact same candle holder thingy (can't remember the name, haha).

  2. That little voice of doubt is just the worst! Always remember how talented you are, and don't compare! You got this ;)
    xo TJ


  3. yay that's so exciting i am definitely rooting for you!! :)

  4. Good for you. I love the book "Success Principles" by Jack Cantfield. He says that on any road to success, we encounter 3 things: fears, roadblocks, and considerations (all those negative thoughts that come up like you were mentioning). That was a game changer for me. It made me realize that those things are just stepping stones to success, they are not setbacks unless we allow them to be, but often times we listen and then stop progressing with it. I am so proud of you for moving forward with a passion of yours, even if it terrified you!! And you take incredible pictures!!


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