I have the most incredible manager.
On Monday morning I guess I was a little moodier than usual and my manager took me aside in her office.
She closed the door and immediately said: "Ok. What's going on?"
Not in the "you are being a pain in the butt" kind of attitude, but in the sincere/worried attitude.
Without going into detail, the latter end of my weekend wasn't the greatest.
Everything is solved now, but Monday morning I was in no mood to be cheery.
Susan clearly caught on something was up.

I'm so grateful to have a manager who is concerned about how I am doing emotionally.
Someone who has very similar anxieties to me.
Someone who takes time out of our work day to make sure I'm ok.
Someone who understands that sometimes all you need is a chat and some dark chocolate.

Hope you are all enjoying your week!

*half way to the weekend!*

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