A trend that has been popping up everywhere on Pinterest this spring are painted home decor.
Our living room is pretty much all black, white and grey with little pops of colour in pictures.
I've been wanting for a while now to add a little bit more colour into our apartment.
This is a simply and cute way to add some colour to any space!
You will need:
+ metal planter pots (mine are from Ikea)
+ craft paint in your colours of choice. I went with coral and copper. (Michael's)
+ sponge brush (Michael's) 
+ paper plates (helps with the mess)
+ optional: tape
Since my pots already had lines on them, I just followed the bottom line with my brush.
It took a little bit of patience, but if you are a little shaky then just place a piece of tape where you want the colour to start all around the pot.
Then start painting.
Allow each coat to dry for 7 minutes then move on to the next coat.
It takes anywhere from 3-5 coats until the paint is opaque.

Once you are completely happy with the look, you are done!
I'm quite happy with how they turned out!
Anyone can do this little diy.
And it makes such a difference to ordinary pots.

Happy making!



This post is a mashup of thoughts, so try and stay with me ;)

This is starting to become a regular thing.
I hit a wall.
A blogging wall.
I've been thinking a lot lately what kind of content I want to have on my blog.

When I prepared and posted my Eshakti review I discovered two things:
one // My husband has come a long way in using my DSLR. I mean dang, I was impressed with those photos
two // I actually enjoyed having a little photoshoot in the field across from our apartment.
It made me realize that stepping outside of my blogging comfort zone was so worth it.
And I want to keep pushing my boundaries.
So maybe outfit posts will become a weekly thing.. (?)
Who knows, I'm seriously in such an idea mode right now.

The past few months I have been contacted by 4 different/companies people about 4 very different opportunities.
It was (and still is) a big deal to me.
Hearing people tell me they think I am successful, creative and unique was such a weird but incredible experience.
I loved how complete strangers were brave enough to contact me.
Through this experience I realized I want to do more collaborations.
But instead of just posting my email and waiting for them, I want to be more proactive.
I'm shooting high here, so if you get an email from me, humour me.

On a similar note, I want to be better at responding to your comments.
And not just by commenting on your blog.
I want to take the time and email you.
You've gotten to know me through this blog and it's only fair that I try and get to know you too!

As much as I love being part of the blogging community, it can sometimes feel like you are one of millions.
But each of us are one in a million.
But true?

I'm excited for what's in store for me and this blog.
Time to punch down this wall and get started.



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are my own.

A few months ago I was contacted by the company Eshakti do a review on one of their products,
for free!
It took me forever to finally decide what dress I wanted to choose.
The fact that dresses kept being added everyday made it even harder.
But as soon as I saw this dress I knew it was definitely something I needed in my closet.
Chambray and polka dotted?
Yes please!

The best thing about Eshakti is that all their products can be customized.
Neckline, hemline, sleeve cut, even down to your exact measurements.
It is a company that actually accommodates every single shape and size.
Finding a dress that fits me properly is a very difficult task.
I've got very small shoulders and big hips.
When I find something that fits my hips, I look like I have football shoulder pads.
When I find a dress that fits my shoulders, I can't get it over my hips.
It's a real pain.
So I loved finding out that Eshakti offered custom tailoring.

Another thing that I adore about Eshakti:
A vast majority of their dresses have pockets!
A random little detail that I adore.
And yes this dress has them!

Now let's get down to the nitty gritty.
The quality of the dress is great.
Nothing to complain about there.
The only issue that I have is the price of some of their products.
For example this dress is 119.95.
In all honesty if I actually had to pay for this dress, I wouldn't have picked it simply because of the price.
Their average price is anywhere from $50 to $70, which in my opinion is much more reasonable considering they can be altered to fit you exactly for only $7 extra.

Would I actually make a purchase from this company?
Yes I would.
But I would never spend over $65.
And that's simply because I don't like to splurge.

Product review: 10/10
Company review: 8/10 (simply because of the price, everything else I love!)

The dress I am wearing can be found here
I changed the neckline from scoop to boat.



One of our full time missionaries serving in our ward, gave a talk today.
I felt so uplifted the entire time he spoke.
This quote in particular really hit me to the core.
It makes it all worth it.

Have a great Sunday with people you love!



My mom is the hardest person to buy a gift for.
Every year I would wrack my brain.
This year I decided to do something special.
I didn't look on Pinterest, I didn't get ideas from other places, I want to just think of
So I made her a scripture jar.

What's great about this gift is that it is completely customizable.
Everyone's jar can be filled with whatever messages you want.
Reasons why you love them, inspiring quotes, etc.

If you're interested in your making your own, here is a list of supplies:
1// mason jar
2// scrapbooking paper
3// some sort of marker, I used a white scrapbooking market
Optional: tag, lace/ribbon, mini clothes pin (I clipped blank pieces of scrapbooking paper so my mom could add her favourite scriptures to the jar)

Happy crafting!



Thank you, mom.

I love you.



I really love this place.

Alex I were able to sit in the Celestial room alone for a solid 20 minutes and it was pure heaven (no pun intended).
Then people started to trickle in.
Little did I know that a girl I went to youth conference with, was going through the temple for the first time.
By the time Alex and I were leaving, the Celestial room was full of people I hadn't seen in years.
2 of them are engaged.
4 of us have spouses.
4 are return missionaries.
It's nice to have experiences like that.
Things change in life, but the gospel will always connect people back together.



I have the most incredible manager.
On Monday morning I guess I was a little moodier than usual and my manager took me aside in her office.
She closed the door and immediately said: "Ok. What's going on?"
Not in the "you are being a pain in the butt" kind of attitude, but in the sincere/worried attitude.
Without going into detail, the latter end of my weekend wasn't the greatest.
Everything is solved now, but Monday morning I was in no mood to be cheery.
Susan clearly caught on something was up.

I'm so grateful to have a manager who is concerned about how I am doing emotionally.
Someone who has very similar anxieties to me.
Someone who takes time out of our work day to make sure I'm ok.
Someone who understands that sometimes all you need is a chat and some dark chocolate.

Hope you are all enjoying your week!

*half way to the weekend!*



Thursday night we attended our friend's wedding reception.
It was also our first night with our parents car, so we decided to make a night of it.
We got dressed up (slightly co-ordinated), went to dinner at Harvey's and spent the evening with friend's we haven't seen in almost a year.

It's funny that once you get married you don't really see your single friends that much anymore.
I know it's pathetic, but it's true.
I had great conversations with people I hadn't said a word to since last summer.

This was our first wedding reception we'd been to together since our own.
It was so cute watching Dave and Lillie, and remembering how we felt almost a year ago.
I know it's not a crazy long time ago, but I still mentioned to Alex:
"We really had no idea, did we?"
Nothing could have prepared me for how much fun married life is.

Seriously it's the most fun ever.

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