As many (if not all) of you know I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
aka I'm a Mormon.
The past few months the topic of women and the priesthood has come up everywhere in social media and many discussions have been made.
I've read countless bloggers talk about their views and struggles, but I haven't read any posts about of women who have the same testimony as I do.

Now before I get into things, allow me to clarify:
1. This post is not in any way judgemental of those who have a different view than me
2. I'm not saying that because I haven't read any posts about people who agree with me, doesn't mean that I am alone or "making a stand". I just really feel that I need to share my thoughts.

I have been a member of the church my entire life.
I have always lived in a home where there have been worthy priesthood holders.
Never once have these men made me feel beneath them, or that I am inadequate to have the full blessings of the priesthood in my life.

Some think the priesthood is sexist because only men can hold it.
Others think that the reason men hold it is because they need to be "restrained" more than women do in relation to sin.
While I think that the reason that men hold the priesthood and women do not is the following.

Heavenly Father (God) created this world and this plan around one purpose:
the family.
We lived before the earth was, as a family.
We live on the earth in families.
And we live again after death with our families.
At the head of each family is a father and mother.
Each have very different roles, but neither of them undermine the other.
The priesthood is not more important than motherhood.
And motherhood is not more important than the priesthood.
They go hand in hand.

Some of you are probably thinking: "Well what about those who are unable to bear children?"
I know without a shadow of a doubt that whatever these women have missed in this life, will be made up.
Trials in this life are bound to happen.
Bad things happen to good people.
I genuinely don't know why certain women have been given such a hard burden.
But I know that when they look back on the pain they felt in this life, it will seem like such a short time compared to the eternities ahead.

Heavenly Father is not judgemental, sexist, or chauvinistic.
It's not in His nature.
He is loving and expects great things from us.
Whether we are male, or female.
I love being a women.
I love that I will someday be able to bring life into this world.
Do you realize how beautiful that is?
Heavenly Father allows us to have a life grow inside us.
A life that will be in our care for eternity.
I wouldn't trade that for anything.

I am trying my very best to empathize and understand the struggle and desires that some women in the gospel have in regards to the priesthood.
It saddens me to see women who are righteous and worthy not realize their worth as women.
But it saddens me even more to see how some members have taken the hostile route towards these women.
If someone is struggling with something, love them.
If someone calls you judgemental and old fashioned, love them.
If someone has a different opinion than you, love them.

I'm sorry for the length and depth of this post.
And I hope it did not come across offensive in any way.
But I am not sorry for the testimony I have on this beautiful gift from God.

I'm a woman and I love the priesthood.
In it's entirety.



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Sometimes I listen to Billy Joel on vinyl.
Sometimes I drink Fanta out of a champagne class.
And sometimes I do a mini outfit post.



This past weekend my parents drove Alex and I down to Palmyra to attend the temple.
It was such a special weekend for me.
This time last year I received my own endowments at that very same temple.
As I went through this time for Elizabeth Caulfeild, I couldn't help but wonder if she felt the same way I did 12 months ago.

I hate to admit it, but Alex and I hadn't been to the temple in months.
Every time we planned to go, something would come up and we would have to cancel.
I'm so grateful we were able to attend this time (and that my dad was willing to drive when he was sick)
I came away from this weekend with a beautiful feeling.



And the winner is...
Stefani from C'est Si Bon
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Can't wait for you to read this beautiful book.



No words are needed.
This video says it all.

Happy Easter



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Bunnies and chocolates are fun, but let us all remember the true reason of why we celebrate Easter.
I am so grateful that He is risen.
And because He is, I will be too.
And not just me, but my whole family.
Happy Easter Weekend everyone!

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Weird to think my hair used to look like this.

This morning before I headed off to work, I randomly started looking through our engagement pictures.
I find it absolutely hilarious to think that they were taken just over a year ago.
A couple of my girlfriends are getting married this summer, so I get to relive the excitement with them.

I thought I knew what married life was going to be like.
But I really had no clue.
I was surprised.
In a good way.
I still get stressed over the same things.
I still suffer from anxieties.
I still am exhausted from work.
I still love him.

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I received this beautiful book from Shayla a little over a month ago, and even though I haven't finished it yet, I have loved reading it.
It allows me to enter a world that was very real, and very different from what I am accustomed to.

"Spots" is an autobiography written by Judy Brummer, a South African woman of British descent.
It follows Judy's childhood with her two African best friends and how polar opposite their worlds are.
It's funny, beautiful and powerful.
I highly recommend this read to anyone and everyone.
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Apparently yesterday was "National Sibling Day"
I find it entertaining that there is literally a day for everything nowadays.
So I wanted to talk about these boys on the day after Sibling Day.
Just because.

I was the baby and the only girl (and according to everyone else the "princess" of the family.)
And I'm so grateful for that.

Having these two in my life guided me towards certain characteristics that I wanted in a husband.
We've all found our significant other and started our own families,
but these two will always be my first family!!
Yes we get in arguments, and yes they sometimes annoy the heck out of me, but I wouldn't want any other boys as my siblings.
So I just wanted to say I love you both.
Thanks for helping me into the person I've become.

We should be telling people how much we appreciate them everyday.
Not just on Valentines, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and anniversaries.

Also on a random note, I can't stop listening to this song.
Newsies please come to Ottawa!!



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Every time President Uchtdorf speaks, I am always scribbling down quotes in my journal.
He is literally the most quotable person I've ever known.
His talks are always filled with one liners that hit me to the very core.

I am so grateful for this past weekend.
Being able to be edified by my church leaders.
I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.



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I hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far.
I'm loving mine so far!
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