So there's something about me you may not know.
I draw.
It all started when I was in elementary school.
My best friend and I would spend hours and hours just drawing and talking.
Then I stopped.
The thing is I am my own worst critique.
Certain talents or hobbies I have I feel I could do better, but I can't so I stop. (wow how many times can you put "I" in a sentence.)
It's a bad habit and I'm trying so hard to quit.
That's why in November I started to draw again.

What happened was I wanted to get Adam and Alicia a self portrait for Christmas, and I had a distinct look I wanted.
I searched on Etsy for ever and ever but I didn't find the style I was looking for.
So... I decided to give it a go and make it myself.
And I did.
If you want to view the finished portrait, it's right over here.

Now the portrait above is another story.
Back when I posted the portrait I did during Christmas time I got a comment by a lovely blogger.
The lovely blogger I am talking about it Steph Hammer.
Chances are you have already read her blog, and if you haven't hop on over.
Trust me, it's the bomb.
She is absolutely incredible and I am still flabbergasted that she asked me to draw a portrait for her.

So here's more exciting news.
I've decided to draw a portrait for free for one of you!
All you have to do is follow my blog on bloglovin (over here), and leave a comment.
I will choose the winner on March 27th.

Also I have another giveaway coming up on Monday!
So come back then to find out what it is :)


  1. okay, SO cute. followed on blog lovin':)

  2. your blog is so cute! you are cute, and these drawings are cute too! :)
    oh, and I have the same white ikea tin. We have good taste!

  3. Oh these are so darling! I've always preferred illustration style prints.

    I never knew you had it in you but I am so glad I know now. You keep getting more and more amazing, day by day

  4. yay! following you on bloglovin'

  5. oh my gosh i would luv one of deezzz. obs following you on bloglovin

  6. this is adorable. i want one!! i already follow you! :)

  7. March 27th, eh? I wonder who has an important day that day??? Hmmm?

    1. I have no idea. Oh wait perhaps it's my father's birthday ;)

  8. Followed via bloglovin'! This is seriously the cutest and I would love love love to win. I can see if hanging in my apartment already :)

  9. I would absolutely love to have you draw my family a cute little picture!!

  10. How fun! I love little drawings like this! :)
    xo TJ


  11. so cute, i love your drawings :) wish i saw this giveaway sooner!


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