A couple weeks ago a surprise came in the mail.
A birthday present.

Back in November I mentioned once to Alex that I would love a vintage inspired Boston Red Sox baseball hat.
It literally was just a passing comment, that wasn't meant as a hint at all.
But he listened and ordered it a few weeks later for my birthday.
The reason why it came so late was that it was on back order, but it was the nicest surprise.

I love that I am married to man who does the most thoughtful things.
He cleans the kitty litter because he knows I hate the smell.
He gives me back massages when I'm stressed.
He understands when I need go to bed early on our nights together because I'm zonked from work.
He makes me feel beautiful when I look like a mess.
But most importantly he loves me.
I'm too lucky.

Also can we just talk about how cute Samwise is.
Love this little snuggle bug of a kitten!

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  1. What a good husband you have! I hope my future lover will be just as great


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