1 // Got a haircut. More on that later.
2 // Watched the entire 4th season of Downton Abbey. Surprisingly better than I thought it would be.
3 // Finally put up some pictures in our bedroom. One of our friends painted us a picture of the temple we got married in and we have been trying to find a spot for it for months!
4 // No morning is complete without my fruit smoothie.
5 // I love this little kitten of ours.
6 // After a long week at work, I desperately needed a bath. So I grabbed a Lush bath bomb, lit a candle and soaked for some relaxation. 

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!


  1. I love your bangs! and I don't know why but I can't seem to like Downton Abbey (I watched up to season 2).. but everyone's talking about it so I wanna see if it's worth watching again! Looks like you had a relaxing weekend :) now have a beautiful week!

  2. Downton Abbey - something I really need to get into. Worth the time investment?


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