The last birthday post.
I promise!

I have decided that no one should do the dishes when it's their birthday.
So I bought some disposable cute disposable plates and forks, brought the table into the living room, and decked it out. 
I had so much fun decorating and planning for the night.
Mom, dad, Andrew, Kelsi and Norah came over for Lebanese food and cake.

It was nice that I didn't have to spend my birthday alone.
And the fact that I got the 60th anniversary Bluray edition of Singing in the Rain, was the cherry on top to a perfect evening!


  1. I LOVE singing in the rain! Sounds like a fun birthday night :)

  2. Sounds like an adorable evening! Happy Birthday lovely lady xo

  3. I want to set my table like that every day, too cute. Also, happy late birthday! I love your blog, you are quite an adorable person. xoxo


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