Fruit infused water.
My new obsession.
Water can be so bland at times, and this changes it up for me.
So far I am loving the blueberry, strawberry and orange combination.
So refreshing.
Not to mention it completely kills my sudden sweet and sugar urges ;)



On Sunday Alex and I celebrated the anniversary of the day we got engaged.
It's weird to think that one year ago in Montreal, during a blizzard, Alex got down on one knee and proposed.
And you guessed it, I said yes.
It was such an exciting day (and months to follow).
And between you and me, being married is SO much more awesome than being engaged ;)

I love this boy more and more every day, and I am so glad that we get to spend forever together.



This past weekend Meana and I had a much needed girls day.
We ate gummy bears, and crepes.
We watched 500 days of Summer.
Every time we hang out (even if we haven't seen each other in months), it's as if we never stopped talking.
I love this girl to pieces and am so lucky to have her in my life.



Growing up, I always remember my mom drinking herbal tea regularly.
She would brew a cup of tea, curl up on the couch and read.
I've realized since I got married and moved out how similar I am to my mom. (in more ways than one.)
I love to curl up with a book and a cup of tea.

This is why one of my Christmas gifts this year was so perfect for me.
A tea tin filled with herbal tea.
It was such sweet gesture and I love it to pieces.
So tonight I plan on a making a spiced pumpkin herbal tea and get all cozy.

Happy evening everyone!



The last birthday post.
I promise!

I have decided that no one should do the dishes when it's their birthday.
So I bought some disposable cute disposable plates and forks, brought the table into the living room, and decked it out. 
I had so much fun decorating and planning for the night.
Mom, dad, Andrew, Kelsi and Norah came over for Lebanese food and cake.

It was nice that I didn't have to spend my birthday alone.
And the fact that I got the 60th anniversary Bluray edition of Singing in the Rain, was the cherry on top to a perfect evening!



Unfortunately Alex had to work on my birthday.
So we celebrated a day early.
We ordered some pizza, watched a movie and just had a chill evening.

I am so lucky to have this boy as my husband.
A boy who treats me as if everyday is my birthday :)



I thought there was no better way to ring in the new year, than to get my bangs chopped.
Might as well jump into this whole idea of new year, new something.

Speaking of changes I am officially 23 today.
It's funny that you the older you get, the less significant a birthday feels.
Being the awkward person I am, I prefer people not knowing and just treating it like any day.
Then again there is nothing better than having your husband surprise you at work, with a Cinnabon.

Time flies.
It's weird that I am 23.
It's weird that I am married (a good weird of course)
It's weird that I am now a youth leader.
Part of me still feels 17.
But then again, maybe not.



1 // Got a haircut. More on that later.
2 // Watched the entire 4th season of Downton Abbey. Surprisingly better than I thought it would be.
3 // Finally put up some pictures in our bedroom. One of our friends painted us a picture of the temple we got married in and we have been trying to find a spot for it for months!
4 // No morning is complete without my fruit smoothie.
5 // I love this little kitten of ours.
6 // After a long week at work, I desperately needed a bath. So I grabbed a Lush bath bomb, lit a candle and soaked for some relaxation. 

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!



As I mentioned last year, I'm not one for "resolutions".
Instead I prefer to make goals.

This year my goals include:

1 // Reading. A couple years ago I made a goal to read one book every week, and I loved discovering new books. This past year has been a crazy one, so I didn't read as much as I would liked. So this year I am changing that.

2 // Health. I've been working out 6 days out of 7 the past few weeks, and I want to make sure I continue to do that throughout the year. I want to push my body and myself, to feel the strongest and healthiest I can.

3 // Teaching. I really want to work on my teaching skills. Try different things, push my comfort zone and study more in preparation for my lessons. I want to focus my personal scripture study on the topics I am preparing for the young women so I can learn as much as I can.

4 // Talents. I want to discover more talents of my talents, and try things I would never normally gravitate towards. But I also want to develop talents that I already have. I want to sing more, study more photography, continue to learn about graphic design, and get my "creative juices" flowing.

5 // Marriage. I think one thing that Alex and I both want to work on is actually going out on dates. I'm a huge homebody, and since we now live together, I never find a need to go out because everything I want is at home. But at the same time I want to go out more. Discover our city, take time to just walk and talk.

What are your goals for 2014?

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