Chapter 732

Things I am grateful for today:

+ a job that pays well and I love
+ a husband who loves Hunger Games as much as I do
+ spontaneous laughter
+ nice crunchy grapes
+ the fact that we don't pay for water (two showers in one day. Yes please!)



Chapter 731

I never thought I would enjoy going to work every morning.
Don't get me wrong, I hate leaving Alex, but my job is just so much fun.
It doesn't feel like work.
It feels like I am hanging out with a bunch of friends, learning new things and getting paid for it.

Life is just perfect right now.
And I couldn't be happier.



Chapter 730

When I was little I would always help my mom bake.
I'm going to admit it, I did it for one purpose only:
my job was to lick the beater.

Yesterday I thought it was about time that I used my Kitchenaid mixer.
So I made a batch of my mom's famous cookies.
I thought I would enjoy baking for myself, but to be honest I had no desire to eat them.
I made them for one purpose:
for Alex to eat them.

I had a little epiphany.
My mom never baked cookies for herself.
She baked them for someone who needed a smile.
She baked them for her kids.
And maybe, just maybe she baked an entire batch so her daughter could lick the beater.

One of my favourite quotes is:
"Love is spelt T-I-M-E."
But I want to add to it.
Love is also spelt service.
I've been a part of a family for 22 years, and I am only just beginning to realize the true meaning of love as Alex and I start our own family of two.



Chapter 729

Some of my favourite moments are when I have to get up early in the morning, and the house is quiet and still.
Alex has the most adorable face when he sleeps.
He smiles.
I find myself sometimes just staring and kissing his cute little cheek, when I should be eating breakfast.
And then I realize I've spent the last 15 minutes in another world, and now have to rush to get ready.
But it's worth it.
Those 15 minutes are the most essential part of my morning routine.



Chapter 728

My past few days have consisted of:
+ Starting work at Target. I am in love with my new job!
+ Taking care of a sick husband.
+ Enjoying the beautiful weather and nature.
+ Becoming more and more addicted to Timmies frozen raspberry lemonade
+ Watching Boy Meets World.



Chapter 727

left to right: Alicia, Elise, me, Meana, Kelsi

I never had sisters, but these girls are still family.
Thank you for being there on the happiest day of my life.



Chapter 726

I got a haircut.
It's been 2 years since I had short hair.
It was time for a change.



Chapter 725

I love that our apartment now looks like our home.
All that's left is putting a few pictures up, then we are officially moved in!!
Time to eat some waffles and do some chores.
I like when Alex and I have the same day off of work!



Chapter 724

He finished his training.
She had a girls day with his aunts and mom.
They flew home.

He started his new job.
She had her last shift at Payless.
They watched She's the Man and Boy Meets World.

He kissed her every time he woke up in the night.
She watched him sleep before catching the bus.
They cuddled to sleep.


Chapter 723

I love old cemeteries.
So on our last day in Winnipeg we wandered around one.
The weather was gorgeous, and the company was even better.
We miss Winnipeg, but since I am a major homebody, I'm glad to be home.



Chapter 722

The great thing about visiting Winnipeg in the summer is I can actually enjoy walking.
It was absolutely freezing in December, and any time we went outside, my feet were numb within 10 minutes.

My favourite place in Winnipeg has to be Assiniboine park.
So many trees, flowers, and even a zoo!
We loved being able to explore with Chris and Rocky.



Chapter 721

Kawaii Crepe.
Why can't you be in Ottawa??!
Today I am desperately craving a Lemony Snicket crepe, and a bubble tea.



Chapter 720

To all of you, this love seat is just a love seat.
A typical leather love seat.
But not to us.
On December 30th, 2013 we had our first serious conversation about marriage on this little love seat.
I'll never forget how much Alex was shaking, how fast my heart was beating and how excited we both were.

It was so fun going back to Winnipeg, going to the same places, being with the same people, but this time being married.
We had a wonderful visit, and wish we could have stayed longer.
But at the same time, it's always nice being home.



Chapter 719

We have arrived.
Safe and sound in Winnipeg.
Our first night, Alex's parents paid for us to stay in the Fort Garry Hotel, and eat at Hy's.
We felt pretty out of place among the posh, rich folk of Winnipeg, but it was definitely a fun night.
We got to dress up and act all grown up.

Next morning we wore our normal clothes, and walked around the Forks Market.
We bought some incredible candles and ate some mini donuts.

Also Chantelle posted a few samples of our wedding pictures, so we got a little excited about that.
Yes Kirsten, I am sharing these for you ;)



Chapter 718

The past few days have been perfection.
Instead of going on a honeymoon, we decided to stay at home for a week.
No commitments, no internet.
Just us and our home.

The second bedroom and living is finally clean.
No more boxes.
No more gift bags.
No more garbage.



Chapter 717

Just a quick post with a crappy quality photo taken on the greatest day of our lives.

Mr and Mrs Baronins


Chapter 716

Today we are off to Toronto.

Tomorrow we get married.

And we couldn't be more excited!



Chapter 715

Canada Day

Usually I go downtown for the day and celebrate, but this year was a little more relaxed.
We finished moving over all my stuff, which is seriously awesome (except for the fact that my bedroom is completely empty)
Then we headed back home and had a barbecue, played badminton and ate some strawberries.
A nice relaxed day with family.


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